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Permaculture now encompasses so much more than the ecological and farming foundations it came from. It is evolving! As a design system for sustainable living, permaculture has the scope to address so many topics at so many scales.
At the International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba, 2013, it was agreed to form an international permaculture network. This is Permaculture’s Next Big Step. Now we are starting a global consultation to develop a permaculture strategy for the future. We’re looking for key people to help lead this consultative process and we’d like you to join us.
We are creating a framework where:

  • key permaculture organisations and networks from every country are involved in shaping the future,
  • all ‘permies’ (anyone doing permaculture) are given opportunity to feed into the process.

This group does not have the remit to make decisions, nor to create a strategy on others’ behalf. It’s an earth-wide network; everyone should feel an ownership of it. You will be invited to take part in a survey in mid-2015.
The aim is that by the next IPC in September 2015 [in London, UK], we will have identified, from this consultation and discussion, the key functions that an international permaculture network will perform and have embedded these within a strategy for making them happen effectively.
Agreement on the functions and strategy will happen at the next IPC. Ideally, from this process we will also have key teams in place to take forward each of these functions in the following months and years (that’s stage 2).
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