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Hannah Moloney and Brenna Quinlan

Two of our PA members, Hannah Moloney and Brenna Quinlan have just finished teaching an intensive Permaculture Teacher training in Hobart in October 2019. Thirteen newly trained and inspired participants spent six days receiving a game-changing toolkit to use in the classroom (and life in general). This included tools on how to communicate clearly and confidentially with a group of people and deliver engaging teaching without using powerpoint.

“I’ve been reading a lot of climate crisis data and articles lately – something I usually ration to prevent extreme fear – which can get in the way of positive action. Co-teaching the recent Permaculture Teacher Training course in Hobart has helped counter the fear. Thanks and respect to our *incredible* students who stepped through this week wholeheartedly… Exploring how to be meaningful educators in a world that desperately needs effective change agents. Together we can do anything – include build resilient communities to create a **thriving now**,
Hannah Moloney, Co-teacher

“When I first started to learn about the climate emergency, I asked my mentor what he thought the most effective way to make positive change was. He said that for him, it was teaching permaculture, because it enabled him as one person to change the lives of thousands of other people, who had in turn changed others. My journey with teaching and anxiety hasn’t been an easy one, but it feels great to have reached a place where teaching makes me feel alive, and where I feel I’m truly doing my best in my craft. I’m grateful to our amazing group of learners who will all go on to make ripples in their own ponds. Together we’re making the world a better place. Now…back to my sketch book…”
Brenna Quinlan, Co-teacher

Find out more about Hannah here and Brenna here

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