PA member Liam Oakwood has experienced both urban and wild permaculture settings, now living semi nomadically from South East Queensland to Tasmania. His first PDC, which he undertook while living in an urban food forest in Brunswick East and then in another permaculture cooperative nearby, showed him the importance of social organisation and good permaculture practice, so that cultivation and abundance could go hand in hand with soil restoration and preservation. At his Brunswick East property, they were harvesting something year round from their array of over fifty edible and medicinal plants. In Liam’s words:

“The sum of these experiences has shown me what is possible with good design and multi-generational timeframes in terms of planting.”

He has since begun to incorporate new elements into his understanding of permaculture, particularly exploring foraging and supporting local organic growers.

At the moment, Liam is taking a new perspective on permaculture, offering workshops and land mapping services that can chart topography, draining, soils and geology, among other possibilits. He particularly applies this work to old growth forests in NSW and other threatened or vulnerable ecosystems.

On a personal level, Liam is “foraging, living simply, observing, learning, being frugally hedonistic, and trying to travel the lands in a relatively linear flow without too much back and forth” – a model we can all get behind.

You can check out Liam’s current work, The Barefoot Geospatialists, here.

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