Dear colleagues and friends

Permaculture vocational training is currently under review and the Public Consultation phase is open now until March 28th.

All permies are encouraged to participate, even in a small way. Any engagement, any comments or questions are welcome and will be acted upon.

Go to the project page or visit the Skills Impact Website and follow the prompts to the Permaculture, Organic Farming and Composting project. Permaculture is completely separate from the other two subjects, but the project is occurring in the same phase of a wider project.

If you have missed the workshops and would like to discuss it or get some direction from the project manager, please don’t hesitate to contact Skills Impact direct by phone or email. The Project Team (Project Manager, Writer and Subject Matter Expert committee) are very keen to hear from all permies.

This consultation has far-reaching effects on the entire permaculture sector and your input will make all the difference to the outcome. Please take the time to visit the pages and post your comments.

Thank you for your time

The board, staff and volunteers of Permaculture Australia

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