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Our project grows with your support…

Permatil (Permaculture Timor Leste), xpandFoundation and Disruptive Media have joined forces to update the 2005 Permaculture Guidebook for Timor Leste.
To make this happen we need your support. Please contribute to our crowd funding campaign so that we can grow the change in tropical countries that is desperately needed.
The original guidebook has been widely used in Timor Leste and Indonesia, and is successful because of the easy to follow style explaining tropical permaculture in essence and practice.

a stunningly effective hand book, largely because of its massive number of commissioned drawings which capture the practicalities of permaculture in action at the family or village level.
In Timor Leste the 400 page guidebook has been reprinted 3 times and used by government departments. In Indonesia over 160 000 guidebook chapters were downloaded in 18 months, and its been translated and used in Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Uganda and Thailand. We are building on a very well proven base.
recommending the ‘Permaculture Guidebook’ as being THE go-to manual for tropical human settlement design, development and management.

Our mission:

To update the guidebook technically, to improve the content, to add more permaculture design knowledge and to generalise the focus so that it’s appropriate for all tropical countries. Once reformatting is complete, the guidebook will be available in hard copy and, importantly, online for FREE download chapter by chapter, so that it can easily reach our target audience. We will be seeking partners to translate into other languages as well.

What does your money support?

Permaculture and sustainability education, food sovereignty, water security, community resilience, climate change reduction, environmental protection and restoration. This resource is useful for all urban and rural communities with techniques that everyone can duplicate no matter their income.!

I had some chapters of the book translated into Luganda in Uganda and it was immediately swallowed up by keen students and we could have printed many many copies.

This project will again rely on the knowledge and skills of Permatil staff and the original guidebook artists, so your money will also be supporting them in their work.

Contact information

[button_link url=”” target=”blank” style=”blue” title=”” class=”” id=”” onclick=””] Follow this link to support the crowdfunding campaign… [/button_link]  
[button_link url=”” target=”blank” style=”blue” title=”” class=”” id=”” onclick=“”] Download pdf of ‘Permaculture Guidebook Support Letter’ [/button_link]  

FEED THE SEED: A tropical permaculture guidebook from Timor Leste from WithOneSeed on Vimeo.

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