Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Permaculture International Limited members will be held:

  • Monday 13th August 2014 at 7.30 pm Eastern Standard Time by HotAir Teleconference (see instructions below)

Members are recommended to read the report before the meeting. Please email the secretary if you require a PDF version to be sent to you:

The meeting will cover standard AGM business as per the following Agenda.
[toggle title=”Appointment of a reviewer”]
The Meeting will consider Mr Ager’s appointment for the 2014 year, and if seen fit, pass the following resolution:

That Tony Ager of TST Audit and Assurance Services, St Kilda Road Melbourne, be appointed to conduct a financial review of the company’s accounts for the year ended 31 December 2014.

[toggle title=”Election of Board of Directors”]
Current directors Andrew Barr, John Champagne and Madeleine Ford have notified the Board that they will not be available for re-election. We thank outgoing Directors for their hard work and commitment to PIL/PA on the Board. Current directors Guy Stewart and John McKenzie have not advised they are withdrawing, but will need to be renominated to continue.
Under the Articles of the Company, a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 Directors shall be appointed. The current Board have expressed a strong desire to recruit new Directors to diversify the representation and to achieve the full number of 7 Directors. The roles of Secretary and Treasurer will also need to be filled, from within the elected Directors.
We encourage all members nominating to lodge a short post in support of their nomination on the Permaculture Australia website. Under the Articles, all nominees must be nominated by two other members. Please indicate the members who have nominated you on the post. However, nominations will be accepted on the floor of the Meeting.
If you cannot attend the teleconference meeting, please use the attached proxy form for your nominations of people to the Board, and the appointment of Mr Ager for the upcoming year. Check members on the website for other potential nominees for the new Board.
The teleconference will be opened 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the meeting so the secretary can verify members as they join the call.
[toggle title=”Instructions for using HotAir Teleconference facilities”]

Telephone numbers for joining a conference call

The participants join the meeting by dialling the toll free number or one of the city telephone numbers listed below – as appropriate for you, then the enter the access code as directed.
Australian based participants Toll Free 1800 246 489
N.B. Calls to this number are normally free from landlines.

  • Adelaide 08 08 8220 0711
  • Hobart 03 6218 0507
  • Brisbane 07 3014 0561
  • Melbourne 03 9011 8100

Best for callers on mobile phones

  • Canberra 02 6210 0852
  • Perth 08 9460 0785
  • Darwin 08 8989 0751
  • Sydney 02 9696 0651

The ACCESS CODE for Participants is: 668 970#
[toggle title=”Download supporting pdf documents”]
[button_link url=”” target=”blank” title=”” style=”blue” class=”” id=”” onclick=””] Download pdf — Notice of PIL AGM 2014 [/button_link]
[button_link url=”” target=”blank” title=”” style=”blue” class=”” id=”” onclick=””] Download pdf — PA Annual Report 2013 [/button_link]
[button_link url=”” target=”blank” title=”” style=”blue” class=”” id=”” onclick=””] Download pdf — Draft Minutes of PIL AGM July2013 [/button_link]

Proxy fillable pdf form

Find the proxy pdf fillable form, which you will find on page two, in the link below. You can hit the submit button after filling in the details and it will open your email and send the form directly to  the Secretary at
Fill in your proxy at the top (the person who will be at the meeting who will vote for you) then in the middle box place the name of the person you are nominating for the board of directors.
There are two more areas on the form you can complete:

  • whether you consent to be nominated as a director
  • whether you vote for/against the resolution to appoint an annual reviewer.

[button_link url=”” target=”blank” style=”blue” title=”” class=”” id=”” onclick=””] Download pdf fillable form — PIL proxy form for AGM 2014 [/button_link]
Signed Andrew Barr
Company Secretary
Permaculture International Ltd.
Australian Company Number: 003 386 258

Election of Directors to the Permaculture Australia Board

The Permaculture Australia Annual General Meeting via Hot Air teleconference is coming up on Wednesday 13 August 2014 at 7.30 pm, with 7 Board members to be elected by the Permaculture Australia current financial members.
Therefore, to be active in the organisation and help its development over the coming twelve months and beyond, it important to:

  1. Make sure you are a current financial member of Permaculture Australia and
  2. Consider whether you may like to nominate to become a Board member or if you would like to nominate another qualified permaculturalist to become a Board member (with their prior agreement).
  3. Attend and contribute to the AGM which is held by teleconference on the above AGM date.
  4. If you are not available on the AGM date to submit your proxy vote beforehand.

[toggle title=”What does Board membership involve?”]
Being a Board member of Permaculture Australia is an unpaid honorary position with the Board requiring the 7 Board members to collectively have a mix of the following skills and abilities:

  1. Leadership skills & qualities
  2. Willingness and reliability to dedicate a significant amount of time for the duties which come with the position including availability for monthly evening teleconference Board meetings and regular evening sub-committee Skype or teleconference meetings. Also an enthusiasm to participate in subcommittees focused on key initiatives eg. APT, Permafund, Communications etc.etc.
  3. Preferably some experience with the administration of permaculture groups or projects or other not-for- profit groups
  4. Communication, consultative and diplomacy skills
  5. Some degree of IT savvy and adequate, reliable internet connection facilities
  6. Financial management, accounting or book-keeping skills are advantageous for liaison with auditors, government departments and registered training organisations
  7. Project and/pr event management skills
  8. Some experience with registered training organisations, permaculture teaching, course design and delivery and administering Accredited Permaculture Training.
  9. Media liaison and advocacy skills
  10. Marketing skills
  11. Grant writing, acquittal and assessment skills
  12. Clerical and administrative skills
  13. Understanding of governance and legal compliance requirements
  14. Fund raising ideas to help support permaculture projects through the Permafund
  15. Networking experience.

[toggle title=”How are Directors elected?”]
Under the Permaculture Australia Constitution, members who wish to stand for election to the Board must be nominated by at least 2 other members.
The minimum number of Directors is 5, and the maximum 7. All positions are declared vacant at the AGM, but current Directors can re-nominate. Nominations can be made prior to the AGM, and nominees are encouraged to post information in support of their candidacy on the PA website, including the names of their nominating members.
Nominees can also be nominated by 2 members on the floor of the AGM. Where there are more than 7 nominees, Directors will arrange for a ballot to be held.
PA Board member nomination details
[button_link url=”” target=”blank” style=”blue” title=”” class=”” id=”” onclick=””] Download pdf — PA Board member nomination details [/button_link]
[toggle title=”I’d still like to vote and nominate someone but can’t attend the AGM?”]

If you cannot attend the AGM you can have someone vote on your choice on your behalf, as a proxy.
Find the proxy pdf fillable form, which you will find on page two, in the link below. You can hit the submit button after filling in the details and it will open your email and send the form directly to  the Secretary at
You will see in the graphic to the right that you fill in your proxy at the top (the person who will be at the meeting who will vote for you) then in the middle box place the name of the person you are nominating for the board of directors.
There are two more areas on the form you can complete:

  • whether you consent to be nominated as a director
  • whether you vote for/against the resolution to appoint an annual reviewer.

Then send the form back by 5:00pm Wednesday 13 August 2014 to either:

  • By mail to reach the postal address at:
    Permaculture International Ltd
    PO Box 230
    Church Point NSW 2105
  • b. By email to the Secretary

Might be an idea to notify the person you have appointed as your proxy and cc the email proxy form to them as well.
Details instructions for completing the proxy form can be found in the pdf download below.
[button_link url=”” target=”blank” style=”blue” title=”” class=”” id=”” onclick=””] Download pdf — PIL proxy form for AGM 2014 [/button_link]

Nominations so far…

There have been nominations come in where the nominees are not accepting nominations for this AGM:

  • Andrew Barr (VIC)
  • John Champagne (NSW)
  • Ian Lillington (VIC)
  • Brad Nott (SA)
  • Annemarie Brookman (SA)
  • Charles Otway (WA)

The following people have been nominated for election to the management board of Permaculture Australia.
[toggle title=”Morag Gamble (PA member) — QLD”]
Nominated by:
1. Russ Grayson (PA member)
2. Robyn Francis (PA member)
Supporting statement: why Morag would make an appropriate board member
An accomplished permaculture educator who, with partner Evan Raymond, was part of the team that set up Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane, Morag has repeatedly demonstrated the interpersonal, organisational, problem solving and technical skills that make her an exemplary practitioner of the permaculture design system.
Morag has an enviable track record in permaculture and related activities:

  • co-founder the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network who for years served as the Network’s Queensland contact
  • provider and educator, Permaculture Design Certificate courses
  • practical experience in community living as long-term resident of Crystal Waters Permaculture Village in SE Queensland
  • educator, food systems, Griffiths University, Brisbane
  • well developed facilitation and group decision making skills that would be most useful in working with PA’s board and project teams
  • now that her three children are getting older, Evan and Morag are about to reinvent their permaculture business.

Morag is well liked by her colleagues and has well developed facilitation and group decision making skills that would be most useful in working with PA’s board and project teams. She would be a great person to have on board for these reasons.
[toggle title=”Damien Lynch (PA member) — NSW”]
Nominated by: 
1. Russ Grayson (PA member)
2. Robyn Francis (PA member)
Supporting statement: why Damien would make an appropriate board member
I met Damien in the early days of permaculture in the 1980s when he was active in developing economic initiatives in permaculture.
Damien would bring to Permaculture Australia a background in:

  • inventing the ethical or social investment industry in Australia, initially through creating Australia’s first ethical/social investment start-up, August Investments, then working with Australian Ethical Investments
  • starting Ecoforest PL, a sustainable forestry investment company that had a hardwood production plantation in NSW (disclosure: I worked for Ecoforest PL for a time)
  • previous experience as a board member of Permaculture International Ltd (trading as Permaculture Australia now) in its early days.

Damien also brings:

  • a sound knowledge of organisational legal structure
  • a long-standing association with permaculture stemming back to the early 1980s when he did a Permaculture Design Course with Bill Mollison
  • a thoughtful and considered calmness in his approach to his work
  • personal resiliency and wisdom.

[toggle title=”John Mackenzie (PA member) — VIC”]
Nominated by:
1. John Champagne (PA member)
2. Andrew Barr (PA member)
3. Sarah Gorman (PA member)
Supporting statements — why john would make an appropriate board member
1. John Champagne
The entire Permafund committee support John McKenzie representing us on the new Board. Having spent 3 years as a Director, I came to the conclusion early on that what was missing in the functioning of this organisation was sound leadership. I had limited capacity to provide this due to already playing this role as President of SCPA – South East Producersor, which I’ve held for 12 years. I recruited people like Cameron Little and John McKenzie onto the Board to fill that niche. John has been proactive in defining us as a movement for all permaculture people and that open and transparent communication is the formula to achieve this. He breathed new life into Permafund and if given the opportunity, has the capability of carefully building PA into the entity it has the potential to be.
2. Andrew Barr
John has been a committed and hard working Board member over the 12 months that I have been on the Board. His experience in overseas aid and development and his contribution to Permafund have been invaluable, and I believe he is the best nominee to continue representing Permafund at the Board level.
As a leading member of Permaculture Melbourne, and now Permaculture Victoria, John is particularly keen to build stronger relationships with local and regional permaculture groups. This is work that Permaculture Australia needs to engage with over the coming year.
3. Sarah Gorman
I support John McKenzie’s nomination to the next Board of Permaculture Australia. I am very impressed with his commitment to giving more life to the Permafund. Great to see the fruits of his efforts with a few rounds of Permafund grants to fascinating permaculture projects around the world.
When I was Vice and Acting President of Permaculture Melbourne in 2011 to 2013, it was great to have John give Permaculture Australia updates at the committee meetings. He was the main person through whom we found out the journey of Permaculture Australia.
I think John would continue to make a great addition to the Board due to his natural inclination for collaboration, open communication and transparency. I admire John’s approach at trying to find the point at which more people can participate in permaculture and with organisations such as Permaculture Australia. His flexible approach acknowledges and makes best use of available resources at any given time.
[toggle title=”Sue Mossman (PA member) — NSW”]
Nominated by: Robyn Francis (PA member)
Supporting statement: why Sue would make an appropriate board member
text to go here..
[toggle title=”Richard Pang (PA member) — NSW”]
Nominated by:
1. Fiona Campbell (PA member)
2. Robyn Francis (PA member)
Supporting statement: why Richard would make an appropriate board member
I first met Richard as a volunteer for the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens national gathering in 2012, where he was a great support person showing initiative and a calm manner under pressure.
Richard has been the President of the Randwick Organic Community Garden over the last three years and has shown that he can stick around to see projects through. He has developed an understanding of how community organisations work and how to inspire people to keep building on the vision at a reasonable pace without burning people out.
Richard completed a PDC with Milkwood Permaculture some years ago. He is an entrepreneur running his own IT business and would bring to the group an understanding of online systems and an entrepreneurial attitude.
[toggle title=”Guy Stewart (PA member) — NSW”]
Nominated by:
1. Fiona Campbell (PA member)
2. Robyn Francis (PA member)
3. Annaliese Ali (PA member)
1. Supporting statement: why Guy would make an appropriate board member
I have observed how Guy interacts on the Permaculture Australia board and have been impressed with his considered approach to decision making and the clarity of thought that he brings to the group.
He maintains a calm presence when there has been the occasional tensions between differing points of view and come up with some insightful solutions for moving forward. I think he brings youth to the organisation and a fresh approach to the board.
[toggle title=”Annaliese Hordern (PA member) — NSW”]
Nominated by:
1. Guy Stewart (PA member)
2. Geoff Lawton (PA member)
3. Robin Clayfield (PA member)
4. Robyn Francis (PA member)
5. Support from PA non-members: Rowe Morrow, Delvin Solkinson, Robina McCurdy, Gary Williams and Jaye Irving.
Find out more about Annaliese here:
Why Annaliese would make an appropriate board member
1. Geoff Lawton
Annaliese Hordern is an inspiring, passionate Permaculture educator, gardener and budding designer. Residing in Northern NSW, Annaliese has lived amongst numerous communities globally, many off the grid, contributing to edible gardens, food forests, wildlife corridors, building structures, composting toilets, water harvesting and Eco~village development.
Annaliese has a degree in Environmental Resource Management, specialising in waste management and human impact on wild spaces. She has a commitment to progressive activated adult education, evolving a dynamic, interactive and inclusive teaching style. Annaliese has taken advanced Permaculture studies with Rosemary Morrow, Robyn Francis, Robyn Clayfield, Robina McCurdy, Gary Williams, Jenny Pell, Geoff and Nadia Lawton, David Holmgren and Gaia Education, at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland.
Currently Annaliese is tutoring at Djanbung Permaculture College Australia, teaching PDC’s with Robyn Francis and facilitating workshops for communities in Eco~sustainability and local food security, inspired by her participation in a Localising food Tour of NZ.
Annaliese is a steward member of Gaiacraft, facilitating global Permaculture outreach and enjoys creating interactive teaching resources with the Gaiacraft team.
Nadia and I have always found Annaliese to be a very kind caring and keen person that has been very inspired to learn the requirements to become very active and effective in the permaculture world. We believe she will be a very willing and well meaning member of the Permaculture Australia Board of Directors. The skills to direct the ethical intentions of Permaculture Australia will be a relished experience for Annaliese.
2. Rosemary Morrow
I’ve know Annaliese Horden for several years since she undertook a course of permaculture teacher training with me at Crystal Waters in Maleny. There she showed an aptitude for learner centred teaching and in interest in permaculture and its applications that went far beyond the curriculum.
When I offered to be available to her should she have further questions or experiences she wished to share after the training, Ali took advantage of this offer to visit me at home; to contact me by email with questions and challenges, and to phone from time to time.
I was impressed with her tenacity and her pursuance of all things permacultural and felt she would surely make her way to being one of the best of the new wave of permaculturists. And she has. I am proud of her purpose, her values and her generosity of spirit.
I am convinced that she would make a valuable member of the Permaculture International board team and bring inspiration and committment to the job.
I hope she will be elected.
3. David Solkinson
Learning from Annaliese has sparked my deepest passions for permaculture and evolved my understanding of what is possible in my own life and as a contributor to the larger community. I have seen how her breadth of knowledge, passionate teaching style and inspirational presence has lifted people up out of the despair of the world and set them on their path as solutionaries to address problems and challenges in their lives, community and world. She lives permaculture and acts with profoundly deep intentionality, consideration, diplomacy and respect in everything that she does. I give Ali Ma the highest possible recommendation for any position of facilitation, leadership, teaching or direct action. Any organization, project, school or course will greatly benefit from her presence.
4. Robina McCurdy
I have worked with Annaliese Hordern in the capacity of teacher/mentor and also as a colleague – the distinction often blurbs! She worked as a tutor and organiser assistant two years ago, on our annual PDC in Golden Bay, NZ
and was a traveling teacher with me during part of the Localising Food tour in the North Island, NZ, in 1013. My experience of Annaliese is a woman of impeccability, reliability and professional integrity.
Her preparation is thorough, delivery engaging and informative, facilitation inclusive and onto-it, and her reflective overview of situations is insightful.
I would recommend her as an asset to your Board of Directors.
5. Gary Wiliams
It is good to hear from you and that you are being very active and prepared to be a director for Permaculture Australia.
Given your very able assistance and tutoring at our Tui Community PDC, and your permaculture tutoring, advance studies and outreach since then, I would most definitely recommend you and support your nomination to the Board of Permaculture Australia. You would bring your commitment and passion to this position along with your social and technical skills and deep understanding of permaculture.
I trust you will join the Board, and wish you well in this. If there is anything I can help with, just let me know.
6. Robin Clayfield
So great to hear that you are being nominated for the Permaculture Australia Board. Your skills, passion, creativity, care and drive will be a wonderful addition to the team.
I support you to step up to this and know you’ll give it everything you can and I am thankful to you for willing to be in service in this way.
[toggle title=”Taj Scicluna (PA member) — VIC”]
Nominated by: Andrew Barr
Visit Taj’s video about her website:
Supporting statement: Andrew Barr — why Taj Scicluna would make an appropriate board member
Taj is a young and dynamic permaculture educator and designer. She has completed a Diploma of Permaculture and multiple PDCs. She presently teaches PDCs with Moonrise Permaculture in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne. She has designed and built a permaculture garden for the Rainbow festival, and has done extensive design work on both urban and rural sites in Victoria.

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