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...calling for nominations for directors for this year’s AGM, to be held May 14, 2017, Nimbin.
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Members can nominate themselves or another member they think is suitable and willing to serve on the Board. People you nominate will be contacted to confirm they are willing to stand.

The board consists of a minimum of five and maximum of seven directors including office bearers, treasurer and secretary. The time commitment required is minimum two hours per week plus board and committee meetings.

Nominations will require a seconder to stand for election at the AGM.

Nominations received by 5pm Wednesday 26 April will be listed on the Proxy Form, to enable members who can’t be present to select which nominees they would like to vote for. The details in the Nomination Form below will also be made available to members (but not contact details). Please keep your answers brief and to the point.

Please let us know who you nominate by 26 April 2017...

Nominee form for 2017/18 PA board

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Complete the form below to nominate a PA member to be voted onto the 2017/18 board

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Please note all nominations must be submitted by an ordinary (voting) member by 5pm, Wed. 26 April.

A copy of this form will be sent to the person you nominated for their records.

Thanks you for participating in helping shape PA for 2017/18.

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