• Terry Leahy posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    The film – The Chikukwa Project – is a 50 minute documentary about a project in Zimbabwe. This has been going for 20 years now, which makes it probably the longest successful food security project in Africa. It includes 7,000 villagers from the Chikukwa clan living in a stretch of about 15 kilometres. It is possibly the largest site in the world that has been transformed by permaculture strategies and is contiguous. In other words, every house and its gardens and fields and all the community owned land has been transformed by permaculture methods. How they managed such a successful transformation is the topic of this film. This is a very professionally produced and moving account. It can be downloaded from . YOu can also order a dvd or host a screening. There is a written account of this project – how and why it has been so successful on my web page at It is under the tab for Africa and food security. There are two items called “THe Chikukwa Project” there – one is a power point of slides and photos and the other is the article. My sister Gillian (the film director) and I have now shown this in Melbourne (with David Holmgren and John Seed speaking), in Newcastle (hosted by Permaculture Hunter) and in Sydney (hosted by UTS). In the last few weeks we took the film to the IPC11 in Cuba and showed it there. Though conditions were difficult on the night we got a big crowd who were very enthusiastic about the film. This is a must-see film for permaculture people.