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    @yvonne Hi, I split your reply into 2 more topics. By putting each idea into 1 topic, I was hoping to elicit replies about the idea rather than completely new ideas.. thanks Yvonne. I will add more as I have time - I have a page full!

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    @admin Hi Fiona, please could we arrange to get the PA Admin and Memberships Manager ad out asap. I am using this method to test it out, but I am not sure how to attach documents so, until I can work that out, I am sending you an email with two attachments tonight. Hope that works... Cheers Virginia

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    Yes Fiona, it would be excellent to have the article added to the PA e-news please. We have the detailed stats of the yield per millet variety available on request...Chris.

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    posted a photo

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    I have emailed some notes that are based on items raised at last comms meeting and other things I have to report. I’m in the leased up to going o/s for 6 weeks, so not so intensely involved from here on in PA as I have been for last 2 months.

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