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    UPDATE: Mining the Archive In the process of producing The Lost Stories, the collected writing of Bill Mollison from the pages of Permaculture International Journal (see my previous post) I have edited a number of other posts that I thought of interest to the history of permaculture. These could be published in a series entitled 'Mining the Archive'. This has not been an intensive and thorough process like searching for Bill's articles, more opportunistic in simply coming across something interesting while looking for Bill's writing. So far I have four in draft form on the website.

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    Guess what? We're now in our 10th year for the Permaculture Calendar! Who'd a thought? The calendar has proved itself over time to be a great way to show how the principles of permaculture can be applied, and bring the concept into the homes and minds of a whole new audience. It's available now with free postage Australia-wide from or with bulk discounts from 2018 Permaculture Calendar Cover-sm

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    I am in transit to Europe Monday & Tuesday (June 19, 21) so will be out of circulation for that time... then not sure of connectivity or arrangements in the UK when I arrive. Apologies if I am silent for a while. 🙂

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    Over the past year or so, Angie & I have been working with secondary students in developing a permaculture garden and sustainability club at Templestowe College in Melbourne. It's hugely gratifying to see that spark of enthusiasm for permaculture ignited in kids who'd probably not normally have access. The program is integrated with science, art, maths, trade-training, outdoor ed and of course food tech. But the garden is also a space where kids can just eat fresh food and relax. Here are some photos of our first open day, taken by the kids:

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    Had a wonderful morning in Lismore with my interns at the Farmers Market then the working bee at Lismore Community Garden. The gardens were washed away with the flood and it took a lot of effort to clean things up. Now the soil's been tested and fortunately there's no nasty residues from the flood water, they've refilled the raised beds with donated soil and Council's greenwaste compost (certified organic). Today was the planting. Everyone brought plants and seedlings, by 11am most of the beds were planted out. Phil Dudman, local ABC gardening guru was also there. It was a great turn out and important part of the healing, the community is still recovering from the disaster and in events like this one almost feels overwhelmed by the generosity and community spirit. Lismore-comm-gdn-planting

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    A grower near Wollongong has poly-tunnels on her farm, so she's already picking the first organic tomatoes of the season. They're obviously tastier later in the season, but I was excited to eat one today.

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