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    - "A grower near Wollongong has poly-tunnels on her farm, so she’s already picking the first organic tomatoes of the season. They’re obviously tastier later in the season, but I was excited to eat one today."View

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    - "Had a wonderful morning in Lismore with my interns at the Farmers Market then the working bee at Lismore Community Garden. The gardens were washed away with the flood and it took a lot of effort to clean things […]"View

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    - "Guess what? We’re now in our 10th year for the Permaculture Calendar! Who’d a thought? The calendar has proved itself over time to be a great way to show how the principles of permaculture can be applied, and […]"View

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    - "I am in transit to Europe Monday & Tuesday (June 19, 21) so will be out of circulation for that time… then not sure of connectivity or arrangements in the UK when I arrive. Apologies if I am silent for a while. 🙂"View

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    - "Over the past year or so, Angie & I have been working with secondary students in developing a permaculture garden and sustainability club at Templestowe College in Melbourne. It’s hugely gratifying to see that […]"View

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