• Des Menz posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Permaculture has an important and vital role to play in the recovery of degraded land, whether it is small-scale properties, so-called “hobby farms”, or larger land holdings. Everywhere around us are lands impoverished by a century and more of resources extraction, using the soil as a medium for profit, and transportation off-site of nutrients and essential elements by way of product export.

    This is what confronted my wife and I in 1997 when we moved to the Clare Valley in South Australia, in search of land to put our permaculture knowledge into practice. We found 83 acres (33 hectares) of flogged sheep country in the hills just a few kilometres outside Clare. The resurrection of this property began later that year. Aristida was born.

    It has taken a few years to commence the writer’s journey about our property, so here it is.