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    I am in transit to Europe Monday & Tuesday (June 19, 21) so will be out of circulation for that time... then not sure of connectivity or arrangements in the UK when I arrive. Apologies if I am silent for a while. 🙂

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    Yes Fiona, it would be excellent to have the article added to the PA e-news please. We have the detailed stats of the yield per millet variety available on request...Chris.

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    @yvonne Hi, I split your reply into 2 more topics. By putting each idea into 1 topic, I was hoping to elicit replies about the idea rather than completely new ideas.. thanks Yvonne. I will add more as I have time - I have a page full!

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    UPDATE: Mining the Archive In the process of producing The Lost Stories, the collected writing of Bill Mollison from the pages of Permaculture International Journal (see my previous post) I have edited a number of other posts that I thought of interest to the history of permaculture. These could be published in a series entitled 'Mining the Archive'. This has not been an intensive and thorough process like searching for Bill's articles, more opportunistic in simply coming across something interesting while looking for Bill's writing. So far I have four in draft form on the website.

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    I have emailed some notes that are based on items raised at last comms meeting and other things I have to report. I’m in the leased up to going o/s for 6 weeks, so not so intensely involved from here on in PA as I have been for last 2 months.

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    [bpfb_link url='' title='Reforesting with Goats' image=''] Absolutely FREE videos by Geoff Lawton, World Renowned Permaculture Teacher, Designer and Consultant.[/bpfb_link]

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    @admin Hi Fiona, please could we arrange to get the PA Admin and Memberships Manager ad out asap. I am using this method to test it out, but I am not sure how to attach documents so, until I can work that out, I am sending you an email with two attachments tonight. Hope that works... Cheers Virginia

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    posted a photo

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    Noosa Forest Retreat next PDC November 11 to 22 2017. 12 day residential in Noosa hinterland Sunshine Coast, food & camping included. $1395 early bird to book phone office on 07 54097577 or goto

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    The 2015 Permaculture Calendar has now been discounted by 30% or more. Get them while stock lasts. [bpfb_link url='' title='2015 Permaculture Calendar - with moon planting guide' image='']Organise your life and garden with the Permaculture Calendar. Illustrating the 12 design principles with moon phase times and daily planting icons.[/bpfb_link]

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