PA’s Permafund provides small grants of less than $2000 AUD to community permaculture projects across the globe. Since 2012, we have funded 54 projects in 16 countries that support food security, seed sovereignty, regenerative farming practices and water harvesting.

During the month of February, we will be fundraising for the following *three* grassroots permaculture projects:

Project 1 seeking funding: Practical permaculture for youth and women in Tanzania – this project will equip participants with permaculture training, supporting green jobs and employability to break the cycle of poverty, benefiting 100 community members.

Project 2 seeking funding: 1000 tree project  in India. A rural initiative in southern India to increase forest cover, restore biodiversity and ensure food, fodder and livelihood security through regenerative practices. The project will support small groups of marginal farmers to acquire fencing, water harvesting earthworks, drought tolerant native crop seeds and high quality tree saplings.

Project 3 seeking funding: Sustainable Agriculture practices for women farmers in rural India to revitalize farming systems with permaculture training and the establishments of village level seed banks.

Why donate to Permafund?

“When I started making a small surplus from my music, it seemed like the obvious thing to do was to tithe some of my income to Permafund, so that the music could also directly benefit people practicing permaculture on-the-ground… Permafund was a great way that I could give back to the community and adhere a bit more to the ethics of Earth Care and Fair Share”, Charlie Mgee, Formidable Vegetable & Permafund Patron

Our volunteer Committee assesses each grant application carefully to ensure projects align with permaculture ethics & principles, and provides ongoing mentoring and support for the projects. Funding supports grassroots community and local organisations, with small amounts of money making a big difference across the globe.

We choose to donate to Permafund as part of our ethical obligation to sharing fairly. We believe that access to permaculture knowledge and skills should be a fundamental human right as they provide humans everywhere with a pattern for a better future for all of us. We love that Permafund supports disadvantaged communities to rebuild ecological health while providing for human needs. Meg and Graham, Permacoach

“To give and support projects that empower people to grow their own food to feed their families and communities, as well as learn skills to design their own sustainable future is a gift. It encompasses the 3 Ethics of Permaculture – Earth care, people care and fair share, giving lasting change in parts of the world with greatest need. Keep doing great things Permafund.” Jo Gentle Footprints Permaculture

How can I support?

Donations over $2 in Australia are tax deductible and are a great way to enact the third permaculture ethic ‘fair share’. For more information including to donate please click here.

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