We’re permaculture people, aren’t we?

… and we’re into food… growing it… eating it… running our own food projects with others where we live.

As permaculture people we’re also know about one of permaculture’s favourite principles — cooperate rather than compete. And, when it comes to food, we look for ways to use that principle.
So, here’s an opportunity to adopt that permaculture principle when it comes to our food project. It’s called Fair Food Week and it comes up in October this year. Fair Food Week is the opportunity to cooperate with others sharing your project and to link with other projects nearby so we can cooperate in sharing them too.
This will be the second Fair Food Week. The first, last year, was a success and we believe this year’s will be too, with a little help from you.

Here’s how it works…

1. You adopt at least one of the themes for Fair Food Week this year and structure your event around it. Use as many as you like.

Here’s this year’s themes:
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  • Theme 1 — Beyond the trolley — support your local farmers and food businesses — fair food shopping and eating
  • Theme 2 — Support your local community fair food projects and groups — organise a fundraiser for a group that missed out on the Community Food Grants (or other food project or group you’d like to support)
  • Theme 3 — Grow our urban agriculture — encourage your council to establish a food policy or support campaigns for Local Food Acts in your state
  • Theme 4 — Support gasfield-free communities — connect with farmers and rural communities to assert their food sovereignty in the face of government and industry demands to hand over land for fracking.
2. Co-brand your event with the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, the organiser of Fair Food Week so as to establish the week as an annual, national event.

You will find graphics for websites, blogs and printing on their website for you to download and use.

3. LIst your event on the Fair Food Week website.
4. Run you event during Fair Food Week, between 10 and 29 October this year, and let’s know how it went by writing something for the Fair Food Week website.

Ideas for Fair Food Week events:

  • Workshops
  • Tours of your community garden
  • Tours of your farm
  • Tours of local home food gardens
  • A Permablitz
  • A seminar on one of the Fair Food Week themes
  • A food swap
  • Cooking or food preservation demo
  • Whatever else your creative imagination thinks up.
[button_link url=”http://fairfoodweek.org.au” target=“blank” style=”blue” title=”” class=”” id=”” onclick=“”] Here’s more about Fair Food Week [/button_link]  

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