Permaculture Design Course — Bermagui

16/04/2019 - 28/04/2019 @ All Day

The Crossing Land Education Trust, Nutley's Road, Bermagui, NSW

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Date/Time 16/04/2019 - 28/04/2019 @ All Day

Location The Crossing Land Education Trust



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Join John Champagne, Aaron Sorenson, Daniel Deighton and other experienced and enthusiastic teachers in this immersive, exciting and challenging 12 day permaculture design course. The perfect course if  what you are looking for is a solid grounding in permaculture design, to apply the permaculture principles in your home, your garden, your life and  to create abundance, resilience and live a life of practical sustainability. This Course has a strong focus on design skills and techniques with a number of opportunities to practice design in a supportive environment.

Deciding to do a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a big commitment. We understand this and we take your commitment seriously by offering one of the a highest quality and memorable  Australian permaculture courses at one of the lowest prices in Australia for a 12 day live in course.

What we cover in our Permaculture Design Course

All Permaculture Design Courses are based on Bill Mollison’s book ‘Permaculture: A Designers Manual’ At Brogo Permaculture Gardens we use this curriculum and build on it with an emphasis on the 12 permaculture principles  developed by David Holmgren, our own experiences over 25 years and proven examples from around Australia and the world to demonstrate the effectiveness of permaculture.

Topics include:

  • Origins, Development, Ethics & Principles of Permaculture
  • Climate, water, soils & trees
  • Pattern Understanding
  • Design Methods & tools for creative design and process.
  • Food Production systems from an urban to rural scale & animal integration.
  • Aquaculture
  • Appropriate Technology.
  • Designing for different climatic zones & disaster mitigation strategies.
  • Energy Efficient Housing & Eco-Village design.
  • Bioregional & Local strategies for community resilience

The course has a theoretical basis ( so bring your books and pens) which is supported by practical exercises and experiences (so bring your boots, hat and water bottles)

The Cost

Lets talk about the cost because we know it’s important.

We work with The Crossing to offer a comfortable, affordable experience in an environment that is conducive to group dynamics and learning. The facilities are all purpose built for education and for live in courses.

We offer a range of prices and a payment plan can be worked out with you. We know that despite our best efforts t the price  may still be too high for some.  For that reason we offer two scholarship positions based on circumstances, please email us to discuss. ​

2019 Costs ( course cost plus accommodation. If you plan to source your own accommodation course cost only apply).

  • PDC Graduates- ( must have completed a PDC anywhere in the world with any teacher:)  $1100 course cost pp plus accommodation ( $462 bunkbeds pp, $396 camping pp) . Limit of 2 participants per course
  • Yoga Teacher- if you are a trained and practising yoga teacher prepared to run a yoga session each morning/afternoon for participants we can offer a discount . $1100 course cost pp plus accommodation ( $462 bunkbeds pp, $396 camping pp. Limit of 1 participant per course.
  • Earlybird bookings: $1700 course cost pp plus accommodation ( $462 bunkbeds pp, $396 camping pp). Earlybird bookings must be booked and paid for by 28th February 2019. No limit
  • Couples/friends booking together $1700 pp course cost plus accommodation ( $462 bunkbeds pp, $396 camping pp) No limit
  • Full Cost: ( post : $1900 course cost pp plus accommodation ( $462 bunkbeds pp, $396 camping pp). No limit

A deposit of $200 is required to ensure a place is reserved in the course for you. Earlybird bookings must complete all payments by 16th February 2019 All other participants must complete their payments by 16th March 2019.

The course cost includes  morning and afternoon teas and lunches (except for the day off)  and a delicious range of vegetarian foods is provided as well as coffee, tea etc. Breakfasts are self catered- you can provide your own needs to ensure that you have the right start to the day. Dinners are cooked by groups of course participants from goods provided by participants.

All kitchen needs (pots, pans, implements, stove, storage etc)  are available onsite.

Our teachers all have  experience, enthusiasm and passion for permaculture. We are fortunate to have the likes of Aaron Sorensen, Daniel Deighton, Phil Gall, Julie Davies, Kathleen McCann and Dean Turner to draw from in our local area.

Creative teaching techniques are used throughout the course ensuring we meet the needs of different learning styles, the information is best retained and that each section of the course is new and exciting.

​Site Visits

The two full days of site visits offered on this permaculture design course is a real feature. We visit up to  8 properties from urban backyards, small acreage farms and the BEND Eco-Village in Bega. It’s not just the physical aspect of the sites that will impress and inspire you, but also the people who own them.

The Venue

The Permaculture Design  Course is held at The Crossing Education Land Trust in Bermagui on the beautiful south coast of NSW. The Crossing is a purpose built education centre in a bush setting run by Dean and Anette Turner who are committed and passionate about the education of young people and is designed based on permaculture.  It is easily accessed from Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Canberra and surrounds by car. If coming by public transport pickups can be organised from Bermagui, Cobargo or Bega.  Buses come to the region  from  Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra. It is serviced by V-Line (into Bega-pick up can be arranged), Premier Bus (  from Sydney and pick up points on the Princess Highway-drops off at Bermagui /Cobargo ) and CountryLink from Canberra ( into Bega-pick up can be arranged) – please note services are  limited for all bus lines and if you do require a pick up please let us know well ahead.


Ideally you will stay at The Crossing as there are so many benefits from doing so but if you live locally or wish to make your own arrangements this is fine. Accommodation on site is either shared accommodation in bunkbeds in renovated railway carriages or camping (BYO tent etc).

Sheets, pillowcases, pillows and blankets are provided for bunkhouse accommodation. Students should bring their own sleeping bag/doona if they don’t sleep well with blankets  and their own towel. Campers supply all their own needs with access to the toilets, bathroom and kitchen.

Accommodation for the evening before the course commences and/or the evening the course finishes is available but is not covered in the accommodation costs- this needs to be arranged and paid for separately.

Internet Access

There is no wifi at The Crossing. Students with mobile phones can access the internet using their own data. Note that access is not guaranteed and can be patchy. Experience is that Telstra has the best coverage in the area. There is a landline onsite for emergency usage.

Permaculture Design Course prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for a permaculture design course however a basic understanding of what Permaculture is about is desirable. For complete novices to the concept, three books worth looking at in preparation include:

  • Earth Users Guide to Permaculture – Rosemary Morrow
  • Introduction to Permaculture – Bill Mollison & Reny Slay.
  • The Holistic Life – Ian Lillington

A range of texts will be available for you to look at during  the course and a drop box link will be provided with addional materials

Permaculture Design Course (PDC) benefits

On successful completion of the course a certificate will be issued which is a prerequisite for:

  • Teaching Permaculture
  • Use of the word “Permaculture” in any business activity.

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