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Grounded Gathering 2022

April 1 @ 12:00 pm - April 17 @ 5:00 pm

$240 – $2450

Grounded Gathering is the flagship event for the not-for-profit community organisation Grounded Permaculture Action Party Inc.

For our 7th annual gatheirng we are revamping the format and instead of offering a week long permaculture retreat before the weekend action party – we are excited to be offering a two-week Permaculture Design Course and Bush School for the young Jarjums running in parallel.


Grounded Gathering is a syntropic symphony of social synchronicity. We are community-focused and offer a range of ways you can engage and participate, depending on your age, availability and budget.



Are you ready to deepen your connection to your true self by learning the old knowledge and practical skills that connect you to our shared ancestral wisdom and make you more resilient in these turbulent times?

Or maybe you’ve done the time to acquire skills and qualifications that can be used in service to our Earth or its People, and are looking to expand or share your skillset while connecting with an activated community of like-minded soul-tribe?

If you get a strong ‘YES’ to either of the above, our Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is for you.

Carefully curated and gracefully facilitated, our PDC is designed to impart perennial knowledge and practical skills where it counts… into our hearts and minds, through our hands and onto the ground.

Participants in the PDC will be given the exclusive opportunity to learn the theory behind some of the projects happening at The Grounded Regenerative Living Hub – a hive of active land and community projects on the 52-acre site. Here is a summary of some of the sessions on offer for the PDC:

FOUNDATIONS – Foundational concepts and application of Permaculture ethics and principles.
DESIGN – Permaculture design methodologies, strategies and techniques.
PATTERNS – Patterns in nature. Nature awareness. Reading the landscape. Map reading. Site analysis and field observations.
CLIMATE – Understanding broader climatic regions, global climatic influences, and differing approaches to designing them.
WATER – Water hydrological cycle. Catchment management. Dams and earthworks. Water storage for homes, landscape and aquaculture. Water filtration, grey water and compost toilets systems.
SOIL – Soil ecology. Organic soil management. Mulches and compost.
FORESTS – Forest ecosystems. Succession and forest regeneration. Forest design including perennial food systems, medicine, fibre, dyes, structural materials. Farm forestry. Wildlife habitat. Wildlife corridors and nature conservation.
PLANTS – Permaculture plants deep-dive. Perennial plant selection. Seed saving and raising. Plant propagation.
MICROCLIMATES – Utilise microclimates and windbreaks to influence and buffer local climate.
BUILDINGS – Sustainable home and passive solar house design. Alternative housing. Building material selection. Appropriate technology. Renewable energy usage.
PRODUCTION – Food-producing integrated systems for home gardens, urban dwellings and acreage. Examining water usage, access and pathways. Plant selection.
DISASTER-PROOFING – Design for resilience and self-reliance responding to natural and human induced disasters, such as flooding, fire, shifts in climate change and economic collapse.
SOCIAL – Group ecology and dynamics. Collaborative decision-making and governance.
ECONOMICS – Alternative economics. Community exchange currencies. Ethical money and right livelihood.
COMMUNITY – Bioregional planning to leverage local food economies. Community gardens. Transition initiatives. Urban renewal strategies. Eco-village design.

Places for the PDC are limited to create the perfect container for an intimate transformative group experience.

The fee for the PDC includes camping, all meals and VIP access to the final weekend Action Party.


BUSH SCHOOL (1-15 April)

Drawing upon the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, the Bush School program provides a beautiful balance of activities aimed at nurturing the whole self – head, heart, hands and spirit. With the intention of cultivating deeper understanding and creating “positive systemic transformation in SELF, EARTH, HOME and COMMUNITY”, we want the magic created in this space to have a direct positive impact once the Jarjums go home.

With a range of offerings including wildcrafting, indigenous culture, story-telling, permaculture workshops, upcycled art, tree planting, native plants immersion, nature play, group performance, and moving meditation to gently bring the program to a close, this is a perfect offering for any PDC Participants, Volunteers or Crew that have young ones and want to bring them along, to share in the Grounded Gathering 2022 experience.

This program is targeted at children aged 6-12 years, but we are all-inclusive, so will do our best to provide an amazing experience for Jarjums of any age. The fee for Bush School includes camping, all meals and VIP access to the final weekend Action Party.


ACTION PARTY (15-17 April)

This is where the real fun and action happens, as the moon waxes into fullness, we open up the space for our friends and family to add to the beauty that has been created over the two-week educational boot-camp.

Creating a safe, holistic, joyful and nurturing incubation space, we harness the collective energy of all present to initiate permaculture action on the land whilst celebrating with an abundance of food, music, workshops, singing, dancing and ceremony.

In summary, our weekend action party is a healthy mix of:

People-Powered Permaculture Action
Catered meals from Fri dinner –> Sun dinner
Workshops, Talks and Presentations
Live & Electronic Musical Performances
Ceremony and Ritual

The Gathering will be anchored around five elemental spaces all facing a central sacred fire.

EARTH: Kitchen, Food, Nourishment.
FIRE: Kids (Big & Small), Play, Movement
AIR: Music, Sound, Singing
WATER: Teahouse, Herbs, Healing
HEART: Tipi, Circles, Ceremony

This year we once again welcome the additional space – TRADIE TOWN – the interactive operations centre where you can get hands-on with tools and techniques that support living on and off the land.

Your registration for the Weekend Action Party includes camping and all meals from Friday dinner to Sunday dinner.


Music is at the heart of what we do – most of the people behind the Grounded movement not only get their hands dirty in the garden – but they also DJ, sing, rap or play musical instruments – sometimes even all of the above!

We are excited to share with you our musical lineup once it is finalised mid-Feb 2022.



Many of the Founding Grounded Members are significant contributors to the transformational festival scene. It has been a powerful catalyst for the evolution of our feelings, thoughts, words and actions.

However, whilst the Grounded approach is a natural evolution of the same expression, it is distinctly different in that instead of setting out to throw the coolest party we can and then trying to make it ‘sustainable’, we plan, design and create Grounded Gathering guided by the ethics and principles of permaculture.

We are far from perfect and certainly fall short of our own ideals at times. However, that doesn’t stop us from giving it a fair dinkum go. We are realistic and humble in acknowledging that all good things take time.

We are whole-heartedly dedicated to the mission to regenerate our sacred connection to self, country, community and culture.

We hope you can join us for Grounded Gathering #7.



PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE + ACTION PARTY (14 + 2.5 days): $2150/$2450

The first five days of the Gathering is dedicated to supporting the Permaculture Retreat for a small group of participants. This option is limited to a maximum of 15 participants to ensure an intimate and transformative experience that accommodates all learning styles.

BUSH SCHOOL+ACTION PARTY (14+2.5 days): $800 (max $1500 per sibling set)

Bush School will run in parallel to the PDC and is jam-packed full of fun, hands-on activities centred around cultivating deeper understanding and positive transformation in the realms of self, Earth, home and community via a program focussed on nurturing each child via head, heart and hands.

ACTION PARTY (2.5 days): $240/$290 ($20/$50 kids)

The name says it all. This is the peak of the party, this is where we have the most workshops, music, dancing, food, people and permaculture action. This is the option for those that want to roll in on the weekend, get amongst the action at their own leisure and immerse themselves in the wide array of workshops, presentations and musical performances.


The invited core crew are the glue that holds the whole thing together. They cover all the key areas of responsibility, wear multiple hats and because they are all so multi-talented they will also often facilitate a workshop, or deliver a stellar musical performance or both. Due to significant demand – this option is by invite only.


Our invited guests are key workshop facilitators or performers, our elders, our neighbours, our community representatives.

VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS: https://forms.gle/hktfZj8m3UR6wwiH9

Our volunteers are the backbone of the gathering – yet we set it up so no one has to break their back working too hard. Volunteers show up with a willingness to contribute and support the Core Crew in facilitating the gathering.

Volunteer places are limited. Applications are open until Jan 30. If your application is accepted as a volunteer you will be sent an offer with a discount code for a $100 pass. This helps cover the cost of essential amenities and catering as we are a small event and everyone onsite is fed from our locally sourced, plant-based, gluten-free kitchen.


WORKSHOPS/PRESENTATION: https://forms.gle/anP1Qpxaow16aFjU9

PERFORMERS/MUSIC/DJ: https://forms.gle/YfBmnzvy9jHT6gfBA

If you would love to offer a workshop or a performance of some sort please fill out the applications below. Applications close on Jan 30, 2022.


If you are a large family and wish to come be a part of Grounded Gathering – please send us a message outlining your situation and how you wish to participate and we can work out a deal from there.


Grounded Gathering is for those awakening into responsibility and wanting to celebrate in an energised community of like-minded souls on the mission to regenerate our sacred connection to country, community and culture.

We hope you can join us for Grounded Gathering 2022.


April 1 @ 12:00 pm
April 17 @ 5:00 pm
$240 – $2450
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Grounded Permaculture Action Party


Grounded Regenerative Living Hub
Natural Bridge, QLD 4211 Australia + Google Map