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Declutter your body, create a garden of food in your fridge

July 26, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


By simply re-arranging the culture of your fridge, your body, mood and microbiome transform. Japanese-inspired design, fridge-inspired you!
About this Event
Welcome to Cecilia’s home reset series. When you open your fridge, you will hear the angels singing. Colorful fresh food will be saying ‘Eat me! Eat me! Those mysterious jars that squat in the back of your fridge will be gone to a better place, and never come back.
This is a one-hour online event with Permaculture designer Cecilia Macaulay. You will see inspiring ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, and do decluttering in real-time. We will subtract one shelf (yes!) and amazingly have more space. User-friendly ‘families’ of food in your fridge will tell you exactly where to put things. New habits will feel as fun as making cubby houses when you were a kid, and soon become ‘second nature’.
Refrigerators have special powers. They are the ‘edge’ zone between the outside world of shops and gardens, and the inside world that becomes your body, your family. Once you’ve got your renewed fridge culture set, other areas of life transform. You can shop for unpackaged food, straight into containers, if you like. Unexpected food you grow or get gifted won’t end up forgotten. Dinner menus almost suggest themselves. Your diet becomes fresh and alive, and so does your body. Cleanup after dinner stops being scary. Everything will be visible, most things stacked in containers, smiling back at you from their usual spot, with their ‘family’.
In this event you will:
Do a Fridge declutter and re-set, in real-time, with opportunities to ask Cecilia questions as we go
Learn design principles that are fascinating, fun and stay with you for life: Zones, Reduce useless Diversity, make families of objects, creative void, and more. Cecilia brings wisdom from Japanese culture and Permaculture ( nature-based design), right to where you can use it, daily.
Learn how to communicate this new fridge culture to your family, and inspire them into habits that will become second-nature.
Amaze yourself with ‘Before’ and After pictures. Be the hero who changes culture, starting from the Fridge
“When you get a basic thing right, all these other things go right, by themselves”
Bill Mollison, Permaculture founder
What people say about Cecilia’s Declutter Series:
“After Cecilia’s online workshop, my husband wonders where his wife has gone.
I just want to put things in the right place right away. Now I can feel happy knowing if anyone drops by for a cuppa there is no need for me to be embarrassed by the state of my kitchen.
Once I got the sink right, I felt I knew how to do the other things. I transformed my cluttered study into a lovely ordered space and I no longer have to keep the door shut to hide the chaos. I am a ‘work in progress’ and its lovely to keep coming back to Cecilia’s events and get the encouragement I need to tackle even bigger things. I have always wanted to live an ordered, thoughtful life but it kept alluding me.” What’s special about Cecilia’s way is that their is absolutely no judgement and you come to realise that their are so many people feeling overwhelmed and stopped like I was. Anyone can really be impacted by Cecilia’s method I am sure. I can hardly believe the change in me but it’s just the beginning.I now have plans to venture out onto our property and transform it into a haven of nurture and abundance.”
Anne Tindal, South Gippsland.
Photo credit: Kristen Hong, HelloNutritarian


Ceclia Macaulay