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Declutter and Reset your Honorable Bathroom: Togetherness Design Series

March 1, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Turn your bathroom into the spiritual ‘rainforest’ of your house. Transform chronic bathroom confusion into a clear and orderly realm that stays that way, without force or unwilling effort.
Join Permaculture Designer Cecilia Macaulay online, and experience her inspiring take on how we can re-set our homes and our world, starting from where we already are.
In the hour together you will see pictures and hear stories that will energize you, and a re-interpretation of Japanese and nature-based design that will become part of who you are.
In this event you will:
Do a bathroom declutter and re-set, in real-time, with opportunities to ask Cecilia questions as we go
Learn design principles that are fascinating, fun and stay with you for life: Zones for inside your house, reduce useless diversity, make families of objects, creative void, and more. Cecilia brings wisdom from Japanese culture and Nature-based design, right to where you can use it, daily.
Find ways to set up other people in your home for bathroom success, no more mess. Wait for the surprises to emerge, as your home culture changes
Amaze yourself with ‘Before’ and After pictures. Be the hero who changes culture, starting from the bathroom sink.

What people say:
“Today was a whole day of ‘scales coming off my eyes.

Until now, I thought Permaculture was just something you did outside. I realized that permaculture design principles as just as much for inside our house.

We can also use permaculture design on ourselves and the people around us.

Listening to Cecilia’s stories, it’s like my heart is freed up to have more trust, love, respect, and value for what is around me, and to feel it from other people, as well as from myself.

I realized just how many unnecessary burdens and challenges I give myself every day. What a shock!

From now on, I’m going to change the way I’ve viewed asking for help (which was always scary for me). Its not as a way of burdening others, but of creating new possibilities for how we relate to each other.

What do I want to learn tomorrow? specific design tricks, especially ones that make things lovely without costs.”

– Aoi Kuruta, Japan.


Ceclia Macaulay