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Contact: Terry Leahy
Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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Go to the website ( to download or buy dvd of the film "The Chikukwa Project" an excellent resource for teaching about permaculture design and permaculture in development.

This film is a feel good story out of Africa. It is about a food security project which has been incredibly successful.

This project started up in a rural area of Zimbabwe since 1992. Before the project started there were many problems. Crops were poor and there was not enough food. The landscape was completely deforested and soil erosion was a drastic problem. The springs they relied on for their water supply had dried up. These are typical problems in Africa.

The project has changed all this. There is plentiful food and the landscape has been turned into a lush paradise. All six villages of the Chikukwa clan ( 7,000 people) have taken part in these amazing changes. All this has been achieved using permaculture agricultural strategies and community participation. There are community committees and clubs to deal with agriculture, women’s issues, a pre-school, HIV/AIDS talking circles, and mediation committees to resolve disputes.

The 50 minute documentary has been made by myself, Terry Leahy and my sister Gillian (a documentary film maker).
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