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Contact: Rowena Howard
Cygnet, TAS, Australia

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The 'Free Settlers Historical Plant Nursery' is a new initiative. The horticultural business combines our life long interest in nature. Grant has specialist knowledge in grafting and growing fruit trees, ornamentals and roses. His expertise is highly regarded. He trains horticultural students from Tasmania's Botanic Gardens, the general public and has had several stints on ABC radio where he has shared his knowledge and passion for grafting and pruning. His interests have now expanded to keeping older varieties of fruit trees and roses in the public arena as a way to help conserve genetic diversity of plants and continue their historical links to people.

Rowena has worked in the horticultural industry for 15 years, first graduating as a Landscape Architect. She is impassioned about sustainable and organic gardening, maintaining old fashioned values and the wonderful world of heritage plants ranging from apples, roses, plums pears - you name it! She believes that if you've never tasted a heritage (also known as heirloom) variety of fruit or smelt the sweet perfume of a heritage rose, you are in for a treasure trove of excitement!

Together we are developing the Free Settlers Historical Plant Nursery to capture historical links of yesteryear plants to today's people. Working the land with horse drawn power compliments this old fashioned picture - our ethos is to nurture the environment and live in harmony with the plants and animals within it.
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