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Contact: Robin Clayfield
Maleny, QLD, Australia

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A community focused business — sowing seeds for personal and global transformation.

Since the late eighties Earthcare Education have been developing and creating Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning, a methodology for education and group work which weaves together

+ Empowered and Holistic Learning
+ Creative, Fun, Interactive Learning Methods
+ Multi-Sensory Learning
+ Motivational and Needs Based Learning
+ Caring for People, Earth, Spirit and Sharing Deeply and Generously (The 4 Ethics of Permaculture)

Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning is a facilitation practice and course for teachers, facilitators, trainers, activists, community workers, healers and group leaders. Courses and workshops vary from an introductory day to a 6 day residential with a 4 day ‘bones’ version for special interest groups and a 3 hour conference appetizer or personal Consultations.

Courses have been conducted with hundreds of people in over 10 countries and all Australian States with virtually every participant walking out ‘with a smile on their face’.

The Manual For Teaching Permaculture Creatively, written by Robin Clayfield and Skye in 1994, is used and enjoyed in more than 40 diverse countries.
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