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Contact: Aaron Sorensen
0424 241 881
Wollongong, NSW, Australia

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About us
Practicing professionally since the mid 1990’s Daniel Deighton and Aaron Sorensen have been engaging individuals & communities in the design and establishment of Permaculture projects for two decades.

As Permaculture designers we work from pattern to detail:
+ Considering the ‘wild energies’ or bio-regional patterns – including sun paths, prevailing winds, rainfall, temperature, seasons, fire, flood, tsunami, earthquake, eruptions etc – that shape and mould the landscape.
+ Reading the landscapes response to these elements & energies in the form of soil types & processes; landform; vegetation patterns & processes; water flows & cycles; and wildlife habits and habitat.
+ Observing how people interact with the landscape and the elements and the cultural practices & vernaculars that have emerged & reflect the character and identity of a place & people
+ Listening to the client and communities needs, aspirations and intentions
+ Facilitating the formulation of a project vision that harmonises with the needs, opportunities and constraints of the natural and cultural landscape
+ Applying the Permaculture ethics & principles to guide decision making and finalise a set of design elements and components that are appropriate to the site, place & people
+ Analysing the design elements and components to develop a spatial arrangement or zones of use that integrate well with one another and the needs of the site
+ Exploring creative responses to the sites natural & cultural patterns to develop conceptual designs for review, refinement and detailed design development with the client.

Our projects
+ Working with a variety of clients, our project range from:
+ Broadscale environmental restoration and native reforestation
+ Permaculture community Gardens
+ The Permaculture classroom- school program
+ The integrated home and garden
+ Masterplanning
+ Permaculture training
+ Community development
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