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Contact: Annemarie Brookman
08 8522 6450
Hillier, SA, Australia

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Developed by Annemarie and Graham Brookman and their children Tom and Nikki, the Food Forest is a permaculture farm and learning centre that demonstrates how an ordinary family, with a typical Australian income can grow its own food and create a productive and diverse landscape.

When the 15 hectare property was purchased in 1983, it was not much more than a bare barley paddock; only a few towering River Red Gums remained along the Gawler River from the time the Kaurna Aboriginal people camped in their shade and gathered food from the land. The heritage-listed homestead was built within the first few years of white settlement of South Australia and much of the fascinating history of the farm can be traced through the stone troughs at which Clydesdale horses drank and implements that once made life easier for the farmers of the day.

Today, the buzzing biodiversity of the property produces over 160 varieties of organically certified fruit and nuts, wheat and vegetables, free range eggs, honey, carob beans, Australian native foods, nursery plants and timber. The collections of tree crop varieties represent a unique genetic resource, willingly shared with others wishing to establish sustainable plantings. The wild zone along the Gawler River, which had been invaded by exotic species like African boxthorn and olives, has been restored through the rebuilding of the ecosystem with endemic species from remnant populations along the river.

The Food Forest provides:
+ a consultancy service for the planning of sustainable properties or lifestyles
+ tours of the Food Forest and regular open days
+ permaculture design courses
+ sale of produce and products
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