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Contact: Geoff Lawton
The Channon, NSW, Australia

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The PRI is located on a Permaculture demonstration site in The Channon NSW, and is headed by Geoff & Nadia Lawton. We specialize in education & training worldwide.

We also provide daily Permaculture news and info.

A growing list of permaculture projects worldwide
This will be the premier place to find out who is doing what, and where, in the permaculture world. You can search for projects by keyword, and/or filter to specific project types. You can even constrain your search by climate zone, so you can find others working in similar conditions as yourself. As you search, you’ll see pins on the world map below appear or disappear to reflect your search results, and you can either browse the project cards or click on map pins to go to individual project profiles.

If you have a project of your own, be sure to put it on the map!

From a mini-garden on a high rise balcony, to a small residential or larger rural broadacre project, all the way through to a full-blown multi-village aid endeavour in sub-Saharan Africa, readers want to know all about it. Use your project profile to inspire others, solicit advice and support, and, if yours is an educational project, to also attract students.

By putting regular updates on your profile, you’ll attract a growing readership.
Network, share, learn, grow!

Worldwide Permaculture Projects:

Company Overview
The Mission of the PRI is to work with individuals and communities worldwide, to expand the knowledge and practice of integrated, sustainable agriculture and culture using the whole-systems approach of permaculture design. This will provide solutions for permanent abundance by training local people to become leaders of sustainable development in their communities and countries.

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