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Ross Mars is the Managing Director of Water Installations Pty Ltd, author, teacher and Doctor of Environmental Science, with 20 years in the field of greywater and wastewater. Ross completed a PhD in Environmental Science at Murdoch University in 2001. His research centred on the use of native wetland plants to strip nutrients from domestic greywater. Ross also has qualifications in Permaculture, and offers general Permaculture courses (Permaculture Design Course) as well as Accredited Permaculture Training. Details of these can be found on his Candlelight Farm website.

Ross leads a team of expert technicians who carry out all residential and commercial water installations in WA. Experts in rainwater, greywater, wastewater, irrigation, consultancy, designs, applications, installation, service and maintenance. Capturing rainwater and plumbing back in to the house as well as reusing wastewater on gardens and installing water efficient irrigation are among the most important systems to install at your residence or commercial building.

As a member of Irrigear, The Greywater & Wastewater Industry Group (GWIG), Irrigation Australia and with over two decades of knowledge and expertise in all things water, you can trust you will be choosing the right company for your water installation.

Other members of his team include: Pedro Dono, Mark Harrison, Jennifer Mars, Justine Willis and Simone Willis.

Dr Ross MarsB.App.Sc. (Chem), Dip Ed., B.App.Sc. (Biol, Hons), PhD (Env Sc), Dip Irrigation Management, Dip Permaculture.
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