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Email: John Champagne
02 6492 7306
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Brogo, NSW, Australia
Brogo Permaculture Gardens is the home and business of John and Sharon Champagne and their family of five amazing children. Put simply, we live permaculture and educate about permaculture through our living and our courses.

We established Brogo Permaculture Gardens in the Bega Valley, NSW 25 years ago. The property is 11 acres and is located in a temperate climate. It was designed as both a home to bring up their 5 children and a demonstration site to showcase permaculture. Abundance was created and excess produce from the property is now sold at local outlets under Organic Certification.

Our main activities revolve around the property and we plan to further develop Brogo Permaculture Gardens to offer accommodation options and additional onsite courses and activities. Introduction to Permaculture Courses, Open Days and Permaculture Farm Stays will be offered during 2018 and 2019.

We teach locally and internationally. In August 2018 we are teaching a PDC in India (Tamil Nadu) and courses in Indonesia, India and Timor Leste as well as the 10th annual PDC at The Crossing are planned for 2019. If you're interested in any of these course please contact us. Our international courses are a demonstration of our committment to maintaining a high standard of permaculture education and developing local teachers to deliver the PDC in their language.

John’s long involvement in permaculture began when he completed a Permaculture Design Course, (PDC) in Chiltern, Victoria in 1992 with Vries & Hugh Gravestein who were taught by Bill Mollison.

Permaculture became both a life path and career.

John has now taught over 45 PDC’s throughout the temperate climate of SE Australia and Asia

Professionally, John’s work as a design consultant includes private properties, eco-villages and community & school gardens. His PDC teaching career began in 2004 alongside David Holmgren at Mumbulla Steiner School in Bega .

Locally, John has played the voluntary role of a bioregional strategist in his community. He was President of SCPA- South East Producers for over 15 years, an NFP community group focused on building a local food economy. With his PDC tutor Hugh Gravestein, they originated the South Coast Field Days in 1995 that was Australia’s first such event focusing on promoting ‘Sustainable Living & Landuse’. These Field Days also announced the Bega Valley as a prime region for relocalisation.

John is recognised as an elder within the Permaculture Movement in Australia and is a well-known and active permaculturalist. He is currently the convenor of Permafund, a charitable group that receives and distributes funds for to needy permaculture projects worldwide. In 2018 John was one of the drivers and organisers of the Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC14) held in Canberra.

John brings his many years of permaculture experience to any event with his unique hard earned background and understanding of the many facets of permaculture. From its broad application … actually living it.

Sharon brings together her knowledge as a Permaculture Design Certificate graduate and a state trained educator to inspire and encourage students to develop their permaculture teacher and facilitation skills.

She has conducted workshops in Timor Leste, Indonesia and Thailand as well as Australia with and for teachers.

With John, Sharon teaches a permaculture teacher training/facilitators course based on Rosemary Morrow's 'Permaculture Teachers Matte' work with some additions based on Sharon and John's experiences.

With a passion for working towards facilitation of learning rather than 'filling the cup' Sharon brings creativity and depth to permaculture teacher training.

As the mother of 5 children Zone 1 skills have been of paramount importance whether in the garden, preserving the crops or turning out nourishing meals. Sharon has a wealth of experience in these areas and is an integral part of the Brogo Permaculture Gardens story and partnership.