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Email: April Sampson-Kelly
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Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Permaculture Online Pioneers. We are the pioneers of online permaculture training and mentorship. Serving continuously over 20 years, we have tutored participants from more than 65 countries.

Through Permaculture education we can all create a better world – cleaner water and air, fresher food, rich wild-life habitat, healthy hearts and empowered communities. We started out with Bill Mollison’s official support in the 90’s and began quietly working online to offer personally mentored, affordable courses in Permaculture. Our Teaching Project is award winning and our students thrive and grow.

Leading by example online and offline

These days you will find lots of online courses in permaculture. Many of those courses are taught by our own graduates. We prefer to stay small so we can enjoy our work, keep it real, be able to listen and respond to changing needs and effective in mentoring and inspiring you. There is a big difference between making money and making a living. We enjoy living the permaculture way with days full of variety, intellectual challenges and social interaction.

Little but resilient

How did we survive so long?..How did we grow such a broad reach across more than 65 countries?.. What has helped us build our teaching experience?
We simply listened and responded to our students needs.
We have built a huge course database that showcases excellent work by international projects and students worldwide.