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Nimbin, NSW, Australia
Permaculture College Australia (PCA) at Djanbung Gardens in Nimbin, was established in 1994. Designed by permaculture pioneer, Robyn Francis, it is a purpose built indoor/ outdoor living education centre. The site features a beautiful hexagonal mud-brick education centre, surrounded by 5 acres of living permaculture in practice.

Djanbung Gardens showcases a variety of Integrated plant and animal systems including a subtropical food forest, and mixed annual and perennial temperate, Mediterranean and tropical vegetable gardens in season. Warm-temperate citrus and stone fruit orchard is integrated with ducks and geese, for pest and weed control and fertilisation. The site includes wildlife corridor and habitats, aquaculture and water systems, native forest and bushfoods, and an amazing collection of useful bamboos.

PCA hosts a variety of courses throughout the year including the classic residential intensive PDC every winter and summer. Our annual program includes the seasonal spring and autumn Growing Abundance and Garden-to-Table Courses and Internships specialising in vegetable production and storing the harvest. Weekend workshop topics include Bamboo, Natural Vegetable Dyes, Food Forest, Apothecary Gardens, Natural Cleaning and Soap-making, Biochar and other practical skills for self-reliance.

Advanced Courses for Pc professional skills development by Robyn Francis are offered at Djanbung and elsewhere including overseas:
• Permaculture Teacher Training,
• Advanced Design Skills
• Social Permaculture and Community Facilitation,
• Ecovillage and Human Settlement Design,
• Permaculture Strategies for Sustainable Aid Programs

PCA is dedicated to quality training in permaculture design and practice. PCA courses are professionally designed and delivered with quality handbooks and student resources. The training centre at Djanbung houses an extensive library of thousands of reference books on permaculture and related topics, earth sciences and organic practices. The college delivered the accredited permaculture training (APT) courses for 11 years providing full-time training in Certificates III and IV and diploma. PCA graduates are working in all continents and climates around the world doing exceptional work.

Djanbung Gardens is also home to
• Abundance Café, a commercial fine foods kitchen with our qualified permaculture chef Melian Fertl, which caters for PCA courses, functions and special events.
• LandsEnd Artisan Workshop for forgotten arts and survival crafts hosts regular meetings and skill-sharing for Black-smithing and other traditional crafts
• Nimbin Repair Café held regularly throughout the year
• hosts community events such as the Mend and Weave Festival and open days.

Located within the scenic Nimbin Valley and named by local Bundjalung custodians, Djanbung Gardens highlights a level of self-sufficiency and community interaction promoting many of the fundamental values to which local residents adhere.

The Gardens are open to the public Wed-Sat 10am-4pm for self-guide tours.
Guided tours and group visits by appointment.
More information visit our website:
Email: [email protected]