Spare Harvest

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Email: Helen Andrew
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Spare Harvest harnesses the sharing and circular economies to help everyone reduce their waste footprint. We connect you with your community to share, swap or sell what you have spare in your kitchen and garden.

We help under-utilised and unwanted food and garden resources get used and not wasted. Members are sharing produce, food scraps, herbs, glass jars, fermented foods, pickles, chickens, bees, eggs, honey, magazines, pots, plants, seeds, landscaping materials, time and land.

Use your community to reduce your waste footprint by moving on what you no longer need, or find what you do need from your community. We don't believe in waste, just resources in the wrong place.

Together we can not only reduce waste but reduce consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, meet new people and build community.

Membership is FREE and just requires an email address and password. Join us now and help us grow our community and impact.