Robina McCurdy permaculture innovator

[styled_image w=”400″ h=”300″ lightbox=”yes” image=”” align=”right”]New Zealander, Robina Mc Curdy, has a diverse and busy background in sustainability.
In 1995, she ran a three day course in working with permaculture in schools, immediately prior to the national Permaculture Convergence in Adelaide.
In building on the earlier work of Carolyn Nuttall (author, ‘The Children’s Food Forest’) and that of Black Forest primary in Adelaide, Robina’s workshop launched permaculture into this new area. Later, Robina worked in South Africa, in a rural dryland region and in a squatter settlement in Capetown, again with schools as well as with wider communities.
She has taught permaculture related topics in Brazil and the USA as well as in Australia. The mid-1990s saw her launch a year-long training program in organics and permaculture – Planet Organic – in her homeland, New Zealand. Robina has returned to Tui Community, the intentional community she has long been a member of.

Julia deBrosses

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by Russ Grayson

The author met Julia at the Permaculture Research Institute in the mid-1990s, Julia was active in the NSW permaculture scene during that decade.
She later traveled in Brazil and has since settled there.
The author first met Julia when he interviewed her for the now defunct ‘Green Connections’ magazine.
The article made much of her as an inspirational young woman making her own path through life, inspired by permaculture.

Morag Gamble & Evan Raymond

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by Russ Grayson

Residents of Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, Morag and Raymond teach permaculture and ecovillage design and work in environmental planning through their small business, SEED International. Morag has taught at Schumacher College in the UK.
In the early 1990s, the couple were among the crew that started Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane. Today, they are active with the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network ( and promote relocalisation, local food and local culture.

Rosemary Morrow, working globally and locally

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by Russ Grayson

Permaculture design teacher, development assistance worker, home gardener and relocalisation advocate, Rosemary Morrow lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

Rosemary’s work in Cambodia and Vietnam has been the means by which she has enacted her Quaker philosophy. Rosemary has traveled widely in Australia to educate people in the permaculture design system and is author of ‘The Earth Users Guide To Permaculture’ (new edition 2006) as well as a trainer’s manual based on the first, 1993, edition of the book.

Rosemary is active in her local area where she promotes the virtues of localism.

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