Practice permaculture through permaculture's own media

NOW THAT YOU have done your permaculture design course, you might consider practicing your permaculture through permaculture’s own media.
Permaculture Australia (PA), Australia’s national permaculture association that manages the Permafund grants program and Accredited Permaculture Training, is now looking for people to join its communications team. The team implements PA’s third action — networking permaculture people across the country.
Our media is the means by which we get the permaculture message out to the world. Online is often the first place people seek out information about permaculture and its organisations like Permaculture Australia.

Practice your skills

We are looking for people who have or are willing to be mentored in these skills:

  • writing blogs about permaculture including covering events, permaculture people and ideas
  • making photos for publication on PA’s website and social media, including video if you have that skill
  • willing to use their existing, or to learn, website support skills using WordPress software
  • networking PA information on its blog and social media (Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram) including the accredited training, Permafund, International Permaculture Day and other topics
    producing and distributing PA media releases
  • assisting members promote their courses, goods and services on the PA website and through social media.

Our needs

Permaculture Australia’s is a collaborative team interested in people who can:

  • work cooperatively in a team environment in which dialog and discussion lead to decision making…
    • be relied upon to do the tasks they volunteer to do
    • be relied upon to participate in monthly Skype meetings
    • be guided by the permaculture design system’s three ethics.

The commitment is not great, however reliability in attending regular online meetings and carrying out your tasks are. The role is for those with a level of commitment to permaculture and its evolution.
Interested in this opportunity to help make permaculture better?
Complete the form below to register your interest or email us at
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Not even rain could keep us away

…wet but convivial — PA’s annual gathering and AGM 2017

Not even the rain and mud could deter the 150-200 people who made their way along Showground Road to Djanbung Gardens for the Permaculture Open Day on Saturday 13 May.
People mingled, attended workshops on a range of topics including working with bamboo and were fed by Mel and crew’s fabulous food from the kitchen. The day ended in Djanbung Garden’s hexagonal, earth construction building with a meal celebrating 30 years of Permaculture Australia.
Prior to the dinner, veteran permaculture educator and international development worker, Rosemary Morrow, and host of the ABC Gardening Australia TV program and permaculture promoter, Costa Georgiardis, joined the festivity via skype video presence. As they finished, Fiona Campbell, a permaculture and sustainability educator prototyping the application of permaculture in local government in Sydney, stood up and encouraged those present in person and online to thank Robyn Francis for her substantial service to Permaculture International Ltd since it’s inception 30 years ago.
Launched as Permaculture International Ltd, as the entity for publishing Permaculture International Journal when it was based in Sydney on Enmore Road (the premises continues its sustainability role as Alfalfa House Food Co-op, Sydney’s longest-running, member-owned food co-operative), the trading name of the organisation became Permaculture Australia following Australian Permaculture Convergence 10 in Far North Queensland in 2010. Following the demise of the journal in 2000, the organisation sought a new role and developed the Accredited Permaculture Training while its tax-deductible donations and small grants program, Permafund, continued.
Now, Permaculture Australia links permaculture practitioners, educators and groups around the country as a major hub in the geographically distributed network that is permaculture in Australia.

New teams

The open day was one half of a full weekend of permaculture celebration and activity at Djanbung Gardens. Sunday brought the annual general meeting of Permaculture Australia at which a new board of directors was elected and — something new — an interim representative council was set up.
The new Permaculture Australia board of directors is a diverse crew:

  • Dylan Graves — Stanthorpe, SE Queensland
  • Robyn Francis — Nimbin, NSW north coast
  • Virginia Solomon — Melbourne
  • Ronnie Martin — Brisbane
  • Steve Burns — Victoria
  • Eric Smith — Tasmania
  • Kym Blechynden — Tasmania.

New crew to spread the workload

To date, it has fallen to the board to take action on decisions and other matters. That has become something of a burden, however, as it is usually busy permaculture people who put up their hand to join the board. The representative council, or whatever it is eventually named, will assist the board by spreading the workload and take initiatives of its own.
This is an interim representative council that will clarify its role and processes.
It will be revisited at the next Permaculture Australia general meeting when the council will be formalised.
There was discussion about whether the council is actually a representative council or a working group of Permaculture Australia, however the decision was to continue with the ‘interim council’ name as that would allow the team to keep the main thing the main thing and get on with the substance of their work.
Questions were raised about the role of the board. Would its purpose include support for permaculture groups? Engagement with permaculture’s emerging global presence via the Next Big Step for Permaculture? Would it use the sociocracy model of decision-making? How would it relate to Permaculture Australia’s existing teams around Accredited Permaculture Training, Permafund and communications?
A member-accessible discussion space for the representative council has been set up in the Buddypress part of the Permaculture Australia website. Unlike email which can be lost down the timeline unless users catalog their mail, the Buddypress function, which works like a social network/conversation space, keeps the stream of communications together.
Members of the council are drawn from different parts of the country:

  • Yvonne Campbell  — NSW, north coast
  • Renee Bailey — Ashgrove, Queensland
  • Ian Lillington — Castlemaine, Victoria
  • Bruce Zell — Cairns, Far North Queensland
  • John Champagne — Bega Valley, NSW south coast
  • Chris Carroll — Sunshine Coast, SE Queensland
  • Wendy Marchment — Highton, Victoria
  • John McKenzie — Melbourne
  • Robyn Francis — NSW north coast
  • Leah Hattendorff — Ipswich, Queensland
  • Russ Grayson — Sydney.

The annual meeting was a calm and relaxed affair in the building-in-the-forest-of-useful-species that Robyn and her team have built in what was an old, cleared cow paddock on the edge of subtropical Nimbin.

Some thank you’s

Thanks to last year’s board of directors (Richard Pang, Megan Cooke, Mike Hayden, Annaliese Hordern, Robyn Francis, Virginia Solomon and Kym Blechynden for your dedicated work during the year.
Thanks to Robyn Francis (and for her long role in Permaculture Australia) and Permaculture College Australia and Djanbung Gardens for hosting the weekend with the venue and for raising funds for Permaculture Australia.
Thanks to Mel from Abundance Cafe and her crew for the food.
Thanks to all with the foresight and enthusiasm to make their way to Nimbin for the open day and general meeting and to those who participated by telepresence from parts distant.

The weekend was hosted by Permaculture College Australia and Djanbung Gardens


Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting

Notice to members of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Permaculture International Limited to be held:

  • Sunday 14th May 2017 at 11.30 am EST at Djanbung Gardens, Nimbin (find out more here), NSW or join us via Teleconference (see instructions below)

Members are recommended to read the report before the meeting. Please email the secretary, Richard Pang, if you require a PDF version to be sent to you (you can find all documents below under the tab ‘Download supporting pdf documents’):

The meeting will cover standard AGM business as per the following Agenda.


  1. Appointment of Chair
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  3. To receive and adopt:
    1. The Directors Report and Statement
    2. Balance Sheets and Statement of Income and Expenses for 2015.
    3. Auditor’s Report thereon.
  4. Appointment of Financial Reviewer for 2017
    The Meeting will consider Mr Tony Ager’s re-appointment and if seen fit, pass the following resolution:
    “That Tony Ager of TST Audit and Assurance Services, St Kilda Road Melbourne, be appointed to conduct a financial review of the company’s accounts for the year ended 31 December 2017.”
  5. Special Resolutions – no special resolutions to be considered
  6. Election of Board Members (7 positions)
    • Appointment of a returning officer
    • Board Member positions declared vacant
    • Nominations and election of new Board
    • Nominations and appointment of office bearers (Secretary and Treasurer)
  7. Chair closes meeting.

Here is a copy of all the relevant documents

Here is the agenda, 2016 AGM minutes and the 2016 Annual and Financial report:

If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can still vote, here are the instruction on how to vote via proxy and the form for you to complete to nominate a your proxy voter:

You still have time to nominate someone as a director of PA:

Click on the tabs for more information…

[accordion][accordion_element title=”Election of Board of Directors”]
Notes on the election of Board of Directors:
Current directors Megan Cooke and Richard Pang have notified the Board that they will not be available for re-election. We thank them for their service and commitment to PIL/PA on the Board. Current directors that are prepared to serve again on the board if nominated are Annaliese Hordern, Kym Blechynden, Robyn Francis and Virginia Solomon.
Under the Articles of the Company, a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 Directors shall be appointed. The current Board have expressed a strong desire to support new Directors, to maintain diversity of representation and to achieve the full number of 7 Directors. The roles of Secretary and Treasurer will also need to be filled, from within the elected Directors.
All nominees must be nominated by two other members. Nominations can be received in writing before the meeting or when the item is considered during the meeting. If you cannot attend in person please use the attached proxy form to make nominations or to offer an expression of interest to accept a nomination to the Board.
If you are not attending in person, you may join the meeting via Teleconference call. (See instructions below) The Teleconference will be opened 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the meeting allowing the secretary time to verify members as they join the call.
[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”Instructions for using Teleconference facilities”]

Telephone numbers for joining a conference call

The participants join the meeting by dialling the toll free number or one of the city telephone numbers listed below – as appropriate for you, then the enter the access code as directed.
1. Dial into the conference:
Dial-in Number: (02) 8077 0530
Australia: Access Code — 324972
International Dial-in Number —
2. Join the online meeting:
Online Meeting Link:
Online Meeting ID: enews

  • At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial into the conference line. When prompted, enter the Access Code followed by the # key.
  • To join the online meeting, click on the meeting link listed above and follow the prompts to join the meeting.
  • For 24/7 customer service please call 844-844-1322

For Inquires:

  • email: or
  • call: 0429 147 138 (Robyn)

[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”Download supporting pdf documents”]

Proxy fillable pdf form

Find the fillable proxy pdf form in the link below. Type in the spaces provided then click on ‘Submit by email’ button where your form will then be emailed to the Secretary, Richard Pang, at
Fill in your proxy at the top (the person who will be at the meeting who will vote for you) then in the middle box place the names of the people you are nominating or listed nominees you want to vote in for the board of directors.
There is one more area on the form for you to complete, whether you consent to be nominated as a director.
Below is two pdf’s one with instructions the other the form:

Signed Richard Pang
Company Secretary
Permaculture International Ltd.
Australian Company Number: 003 386 258

Election of Directors to the Permaculture Australia Board

The Permaculture Australia Annual General Meeting is coming up on Sunday 14 May 2017 at 11.30 am, with 7 Board members to be elected by the Permaculture Australia current financial members.
Therefore, to be active in the organisation and help its development over the coming twelve months and beyond, it important to:

  1. Make sure you are a current financial member of Permaculture Australia and
  2. Consider whether you may like to nominate to become a Board member or if you would like to nominate another qualified permaculturalist to become a Board member (with their prior agreement).
  3. Attend and contribute to the AGM which is held by teleconference on the above AGM date.
  4. If you are not available on the AGM date to submit your proxy vote beforehand.

[accordion][accordion_element title=”What does Board membership involve?”]
Being a Board member of Permaculture Australia is an unpaid honorary position with the Board requiring the 7 Board members to collectively have a mix of the following skills and abilities:

  1. Leadership skills & qualities
  2. Willingness and reliability to dedicate a significant amount of time for the duties which come with the position including availability for monthly evening teleconference Board meetings and regular evening sub-committee Skype or teleconference meetings. Also an enthusiasm to participate in subcommittees focused on key initiatives eg. APT, Permafund, Communications etc.etc.
  3. Preferably some experience with the administration of permaculture groups or projects or other not-for- profit groups
  4. Communication, consultative and diplomacy skills
  5. Some degree of IT savvy and adequate, reliable internet connection facilities
  6. Financial management, accounting or book-keeping skills are advantageous for liaison with auditors, government departments and registered training organisations
  7. Project and/pr event management skills
  8. Some experience with registered training organisations, permaculture teaching, course design and delivery and administering Accredited Permaculture Training.
  9. Media liaison and advocacy skills
  10. Marketing skills
  11. Grant writing, acquittal and assessment skills
  12. Clerical and administrative skills
  13. Understanding of governance and legal compliance requirements
  14. Fund raising ideas to help support permaculture projects through the Permafund
  15. Networking experience.

[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”How are Directors elected?”]
Under the Permaculture Australia Constitution, members who wish to stand for election to the Board must be nominated by at least 2 other members.
The minimum number of Directors is 5, and the maximum 7. All positions are declared vacant at the AGM, but current Directors can re-nominate. Nominations can be made prior to the AGM, and nominees are encouraged to post information in support of their candidacy on the PA website, including the names of their nominating members.
Nominees can also be nominated by 2 members on the floor of the AGM. Where there are more than 7 nominees, Directors will arrange for a ballot to be held.
PA Board member nomination details
[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”I’d still like to vote and nominate someone but can’t attend the AGM?”]
If you cannot attend the AGM you can have someone vote on your choice on your behalf, as a proxy.
Find the proxy pdf fillable form, which you will find on page two, in the link below. You can hit the submit button after filling in the details and it will open your email and send the form directly to  the Secretary at
You will see in the graphic to the right that you fill in your proxy at the top (the person who will be at the meeting who will vote for you) then in the middle box place the name of the person you are nominating for the board of directors.
There is an area on the form you can complete:

  • whether you consent to be nominated as a director.

Then send the form back by 5:00pm Wednesday 10 May 2017 to either:

  • By mail to reach the postal address at:
    Permaculture International Ltd
    PO Box 230
    Church Point NSW 2105
  • By email to the Secretary —

Might be an idea to notify the person you have appointed as your proxy and cc the email proxy form to them as well.
Details instructions for completing the proxy form can be found in the pdf downloads below.


Nominations so far…

  • Annaliese Hordern (QLD)
  • Robyn Francis (NSW)
  • Kym Blechynden (TAS)
  • Virginia Solomon (VIC)
  • Eric Smith (TAS)
  • Veronica (Ronni) Martin (QLD)
  • Dylan Graves (QLD)
  • Steve Burns

Still time to nominate someone or yourself


The following people have been nominated for election to the management board of Permaculture Australia. Click on their name to find out more…

[accordion][accordion_element title=”Virginia Solomon (PA member) — VIC”]
Nominated by:
1. xx (PA member)
2. xx (PA member)
Supporting statement:  why Virginia would make an appropriate board member
BA, Grad. Dip Education, Diploma of Permaculture, Diploma of Training and Assessment Systems, Cert IV TAE, PA Member for more than 10 years
Member of the Technical Reference Group for development of the Permaculture components in the Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation & Land Management Training Package, formerly member of the Victorian Institute of Teaching and Australian Association of Environmental Educators Accredited Permaculture Training Liaison with PA Board, Convenor of the APT Working Group since 2014, Editor APT Assssment Guides Project and Chair of the Review Committee.
[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”Robyn Francis (PA member) — NSW”]
Nominated by:
1. xx (PA member)
2. xx (PA member)
Supporting statement:  why Robyn would make an appropriate board member
Current position: Director / interim Treasurer, Membership liaison, creating framework for Permaculture Australia Representative Council Diploma of Permaculture APT); Diploma of Permaculture Design (Perm Inst); TAE Cert IV, PDC Founding director and member since 1987; Served intermittently on board since 1987; President of Permaculture College Australia Inc.; Member of APT Technical Reference Group for AHC TP; Manager of Djanbung Gardens.
[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”Kym Blechynden (PA member) — TAS”]
Nominated by:
1. Fxx (PA member)
2. xx (PA member)
Supporting statement: why Kym would make an appropriate board member
Current position: Director, Permafund Liaison – reporting to the board for the Permaculture International Gift Fund committee Bachelor of Science (Nutrition), GradDip Health Promotion, Master of Public Health (International Health), PDC, Cert IV Permaculture (ongoing) Permaculture Australia – member since 2015, Director 2015 – present; Vice President Permaculture Tasmania, 2015-present; Member of Public Health Association of Australia (2004-), member of Food Sov Alliance of Australia (2014-), Member International Public Health Nutrition Association (2014-); Nearly two decades experience in public health, nutrition and food security in Australia, Africa, Asia, Pacific and the Middle East in development, conflict and emergency response settings.
[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”Annaliese Hordern (PA member) — QLD”]
Nominated by:
1. xx (PA member)
2. xx (PA member)
Supporting statement:  why Annaliese would make an appropriate board member
Current position: Director, Communications support. PDC, Ba Environmental Science, TAE Cert IV, Diploma of Permaculture Director 2014 to present, active in permaculture localizing food and curator of Ethnobotanical Gardens in Peru. Permaculture teacher.
[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”Eric Smith (PA member) — TAS”]
Nominated by:
1. Fiona Campbell (PA member)
2. xx (PA member)
Supporting statement:  why Eric would make an appropriate board member
Dip Permaculture (APT), Cert Hort. Committee member for APC 2015 (Penguin), self employed landscape gardener. Eric has been involved in organising a successful national permaculture convergence in Tasmania and has completed his Permaculture Diploma at the Riverina College which has given him a good insite into the APT. He also has online communications experience – experience with Facebook page maintenance and administration – which will help PA communicate and connect with the wider permaculture movement around Australia. Eric would bring his useful experience with APT and online work to the organisation.
[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”Veronica (Ronni) Martin (PA member) — QLD”]
Nominated by:
1. Ian Lillington (PA member)
2. xx (PA member)
Supporting statement:  why Veronica would make an appropriate board member
She completed her PDC in the 1980’s with Lea Harrison and Judith Turley at Tyalgum. She was awarded a Diploma of Permaculture around two years later. She also hold a Bachelor of Design Studies, a Grad. Dip. in Community Development and Masters in Social Welfare Administration and Planning
She am currently the Education and Support Team Manager for Northey Street City Farm. She was previously the State Director for Qld for Oxfam Australia. She has also been on the board of Co-operatives and an ethical investment fund.
She operated two permaculture nurseries – Edible Landscapes and Food Forest Nursery in the *0’s and 90’s. This also involved convening permaculture courses and doing suburban permaculture designs. Currently she works at Northey Street City Farm, promoting permaculture through our education program.
She is passionate about implementing and promoting permaculture in the broadest sense, especially in the area of organisational development – creating well-functioning structures to support our growing movement for change.
She gained experience in fundraising & community education while working for Oxfam.[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”Dylan Graves (PA member) — QLD”]
Nominated by:
1. xx (PA member)
2. xx (PA member)
Supporting statement:  why Dylan would make an appropriate board member
Founder and organiser of Stanthorpe Permaculture Group since 2014. Fully immersed in Permaculture since 2011 – implemented systems in Tropics and Cool temperate. A Permaculture teacher.
Committed sharer of Permaculture in action through articles, video, blog, presentations, social media, etc
Experienced user of social media, youtube, Google products, general content creation software – very IT savvy.
Motivated to back the Permaculture movement in any way possible. Up to date with Permaculture worldwide – avid listener of podcasts, collector of videos, reader of related books, and peruser of other online resources. Plenty of practical experience in implementing systems on the ground – growing soil & food, building, animal systems, water, solar, etc.
Attention to detail – desire to do things right. Passion for the Permaculture Ethics and Principles.[/accordion_element][accordion_element title=”Steve Burns (PA member) — VIC”]
Nominated by:
1. Richard Telford (PA member)
2. xx (PA member)
Supporting statement:  why Steve would make an appropriate board member
Experience and drive.[/accordion_element][/accordion]

PA Gathering & AGM — 13-14 May 2017

Join us in celebrating 30 years since the incorporation of Permaculture International Ltd, now trading as Permaculture Australia. Hosted by Permaculture College Australia Inc at Djanbung Gardens as a fundraising event for Permaculture Australia.
Friday 12th – meet up informally for dinner in Nimbin 7pm (details provided with registration)

Saturday 13th ‘Beyond Sustainability’ Permaculture Fair & Public Open Day

10am-4pm at Djanbung Gardens: Entry $5 donation (members free)
Stalls, workshops, talks, presentations, garden tours, displays, delicious local food and refreshments. PA members invited to give workshops/presentations, set up displays and have a stall. PA will have table space for member’s promotional materials.
Stall fees: $10 for small table 1m2 (or half trestle table). or Large 3x3m stall space  (provide own marquee, table) $15 members/ $25 non-members.  Stalls must be booked in advance.

Sat. 6.30-11pm  PA 30th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner
Booking essential before May 6

Live entertainment and guest speakers Rosemary Morrow & Costa Georgiadis.  Mingling and nibbling with starters & live entertainment from 6.30. Delicious meal and dessert catered by Abundance Cafe permaculture chef, Melian Fertl, will feature local food, (vegetarian, grass-fed meats, gluten free options) with over 90% of ingredients grown within 35km.
Dinner cost: $40 members ($50 non-members)   NB Organic wine, local beer & espresso coffee for sale, teas & cold N/A drinks free.

Sunday 14th  10am-4pm Visioning Permaculture Australia & AGM
Booking essential before May 7.

NB this day is primarily for members and those interested in deeper involvement in Permaculture Australia

  • 8-9.30am — Breakfast in the gardens – cafe open (b’fast not included in ticket)
  • 10:00am — Visioning and Strategic planning update and future directions,
  • 11.30am — AGM

Visioning the future and formation of the inaugural Permaculture Australia Representative Council.
Sunday catering: M/A tea and buffet lunch. Members $35 (non-members $40)


Full weekend incl dinner — PA members — $75
Full weekend incl dinner — non members — $95
Saturday only — fair + dinner — PA members — $40
Saturday only — fair + dinner —nonmembers — $55
Sunday only — PA members — $35
Sunday only — non members — $40
Transport to Nimbin

  • Airports:  Lismore (Rex), Ballina/Byron, and Gold Coast
  • Coaches and Countrylink to Lismore

Please notify us in advance if you need pick up (3+ people $35 from Gold Coast or Ballina, $20 from Lismore) You will receive further details with your registration.


Camping at Nimbin Showground (just 200m from Djanbung). Many other accommodation options in and close to the village – more details with registration.


Permaculture College Australia Inc and Djanbung Gardens are looking forward to hosting this special event in support of PIL/Permaculture Australia.
Djanbung hosted the APC in 1997 and national gatherings in 2000 and 2002.  PCA sponsorship includes waiving venue costs and providing admin services for the event.

Registration Form

A registration form will be emailed to you after you have purchased your tickets for stall bookings, dietary preferences for catering, and with further information about accommodation and transport options. Please complete the form and return by email.


Sustainable Living Festival 2017

Virginia Solomon (Chair of Permaculture Australia) and John McKenzie (Permafund Committee) fly the flag for PA at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne.
Advising on the APT courses, selling seedlings as fundraiser for Permafund and generally promoting PA.
Stall site shared with Permaculture Victoria was a great catchup with all the local folk, and a chance for PA to support action at the local level.

PA future directions survey — open until 14 May 2017

Thank you to everyone who responded to our PA Future Directions Survey, especially to those who offered help and support. Don’t worry, we will definitely be getting to you and taking you up on your kind offer very soon!
Meanwhile, if you meant to fill in the survey and thought you had missed the deadline, we have decided to keep it open until 14 May 2017.


Preliminary findings — 15 February 2017

Summary of information so far…

The PA survey went live on 1 November 2016. Of those who have responded so far:

  • 97% live in Australia
  • Nearly half have been actively involved in permaculture for less than 5 years
  • One quarter have been actively involved in permaculture for at least 20 years
  • Half of respondents were actively involved in permaculture in just one of the options given. 21% were involved in 2 activities, 13% in 3 activities and 16% in 4-7 activities. Half of respondents indicated this involvement was ‘Community Garden/Other community group’

Figure 1: Responses to’ How long have you been actively involved in Permaculture in some way?’

Examples of responses so far:

On: Do you support the current requirement for an ordinary PA member to have a PDC or APT qualification in order to vote? 52% responded ‘yes’, 22% responded ‘no’ and 47% were unsure.
On: Currently, only those present at the AGM and their proxies can vote. For electing the Board, should there be a membership wide ballot? 53% responded ‘yes’, 14% wanted it left as it is, and 34% were unsure.

On rating the key directions listed:

At least 30% of respondents gave a high importance rating to all of the options presented. Two options had a high importance rating of above 50%. And suggestions were made to improve the Key Directions.
On: PA relies on working groups for carrying out its work. What skills do you have that you might be prepared to contribute in some way? 100 responded citing at least one skill.
Hearteningly, 59 respondents gave a contact email or name.

Compiled by: 

Wendy Marchment, PA Member
The PA Board is grateful to Wendy for her expertise. Survey writing is a specialised skill and here is a great example of support being offered to PA by an expert in the field. Thanks Wendy!