PA Gathering & AGM — 13-14 May 2017

Join us in celebrating 30 years since the incorporation of Permaculture International Ltd, now trading as Permaculture Australia. Hosted by Permaculture College Australia Inc at Djanbung Gardens as a fundraising event for Permaculture Australia.
Friday 12th – meet up informally for dinner in Nimbin 7pm (details provided with registration)

Saturday 13th ‘Beyond Sustainability’ Permaculture Fair & Public Open Day

10am-4pm at Djanbung Gardens: Entry $5 donation (members free)
Stalls, workshops, talks, presentations, garden tours, displays, delicious local food and refreshments. PA members invited to give workshops/presentations, set up displays and have a stall. PA will have table space for member’s promotional materials.
Stall fees: $10 for small table 1m2 (or half trestle table). or Large 3x3m stall space  (provide own marquee, table) $15 members/ $25 non-members.  Stalls must be booked in advance.

Sat. 6.30-11pm  PA 30th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner
Booking essential before May 6

Live entertainment and guest speakers Rosemary Morrow & Costa Georgiadis.  Mingling and nibbling with starters & live entertainment from 6.30. Delicious meal and dessert catered by Abundance Cafe permaculture chef, Melian Fertl, will feature local food, (vegetarian, grass-fed meats, gluten free options) with over 90% of ingredients grown within 35km.
Dinner cost: $40 members ($50 non-members)   NB Organic wine, local beer & espresso coffee for sale, teas & cold N/A drinks free.

Sunday 14th  10am-4pm Visioning Permaculture Australia & AGM
Booking essential before May 7.

NB this day is primarily for members and those interested in deeper involvement in Permaculture Australia

  • 8-9.30am — Breakfast in the gardens – cafe open (b’fast not included in ticket)
  • 10:00am — Visioning and Strategic planning update and future directions,
  • 11.30am — AGM

Visioning the future and formation of the inaugural Permaculture Australia Representative Council.
Sunday catering: M/A tea and buffet lunch. Members $35 (non-members $40)


Full weekend incl dinner — PA members — $75
Full weekend incl dinner — non members — $95
Saturday only — fair + dinner — PA members — $40
Saturday only — fair + dinner —nonmembers — $55
Sunday only — PA members — $35
Sunday only — non members — $40
Transport to Nimbin

  • Airports:  Lismore (Rex), Ballina/Byron, and Gold Coast
  • Coaches and Countrylink to Lismore

Please notify us in advance if you need pick up (3+ people $35 from Gold Coast or Ballina, $20 from Lismore) You will receive further details with your registration.


Camping at Nimbin Showground (just 200m from Djanbung). Many other accommodation options in and close to the village – more details with registration.


Permaculture College Australia Inc and Djanbung Gardens are looking forward to hosting this special event in support of PIL/Permaculture Australia.
Djanbung hosted the APC in 1997 and national gatherings in 2000 and 2002.  PCA sponsorship includes waiving venue costs and providing admin services for the event.

Registration Form

A registration form will be emailed to you after you have purchased your tickets for stall bookings, dietary preferences for catering, and with further information about accommodation and transport options. Please complete the form and return by email.


Sustainable Living Festival 2017

Virginia Solomon (Chair of Permaculture Australia) and John McKenzie (Permafund Committee) fly the flag for PA at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne.
Advising on the APT courses, selling seedlings as fundraiser for Permafund and generally promoting PA.
Stall site shared with Permaculture Victoria was a great catchup with all the local folk, and a chance for PA to support action at the local level.

PA future directions survey — open until 14 May 2017

Thank you to everyone who responded to our PA Future Directions Survey, especially to those who offered help and support. Don’t worry, we will definitely be getting to you and taking you up on your kind offer very soon!
Meanwhile, if you meant to fill in the survey and thought you had missed the deadline, we have decided to keep it open until 14 May 2017.


Preliminary findings — 15 February 2017

Summary of information so far…

The PA survey went live on 1 November 2016. Of those who have responded so far:

  • 97% live in Australia
  • Nearly half have been actively involved in permaculture for less than 5 years
  • One quarter have been actively involved in permaculture for at least 20 years
  • Half of respondents were actively involved in permaculture in just one of the options given. 21% were involved in 2 activities, 13% in 3 activities and 16% in 4-7 activities. Half of respondents indicated this involvement was ‘Community Garden/Other community group’

Figure 1: Responses to’ How long have you been actively involved in Permaculture in some way?’

Examples of responses so far:

On: Do you support the current requirement for an ordinary PA member to have a PDC or APT qualification in order to vote? 52% responded ‘yes’, 22% responded ‘no’ and 47% were unsure.
On: Currently, only those present at the AGM and their proxies can vote. For electing the Board, should there be a membership wide ballot? 53% responded ‘yes’, 14% wanted it left as it is, and 34% were unsure.

On rating the key directions listed:

At least 30% of respondents gave a high importance rating to all of the options presented. Two options had a high importance rating of above 50%. And suggestions were made to improve the Key Directions.
On: PA relies on working groups for carrying out its work. What skills do you have that you might be prepared to contribute in some way? 100 responded citing at least one skill.
Hearteningly, 59 respondents gave a contact email or name.

Compiled by: 

Wendy Marchment, PA Member
The PA Board is grateful to Wendy for her expertise. Survey writing is a specialised skill and here is a great example of support being offered to PA by an expert in the field. Thanks Wendy!

A new idea: the Permaculture Australia Representative Council (PARC)

On May 14, Permaculture Australia (PA) launches a new initiative designed to improve how the organisation works and to take PA forward in these fast-changing times.
At May’s 2017 annual and visioning meeting, the inaugural PA Representative Council will be formed.
Now, expression of interest (see form below) in participating in the Representative Council are being called for from members.
The intention is to have an initial group of 12 to 15 members representative of different geographic regions (such as the states) as well as diverse fields of permaculture practice and expertise.

A Council to meet the challenges of changing times

PA faces challenges, both in meeting members’ aspirations and in growing the organisation’s membership and functionality.
A part of that challenge is to avoid the burnout that comes when the Board of Directors tries to do too much with too little support. This is not an uncommon thing with voluntary, community-based organisations. At worse, it risks their continuity. At best, it reinvigorates them with new people, new ideas and new energy. Permaculture Australia is aiming at the latter outcome.
The Representative Council would better distribute the workload of Permaculture Australia and make the organisation more effective. The enthusiasm and energy that would come with the Representative Council would build broader member involvement as it would be both nationwide and diverse. Broad geographic and practice representation has not always been possible or practical on the Board of Directors.
Rather than create another layer of bureaucracy, it is the intention that the Council would be an inclusive team of people with a firm commitment to the permaculture idea. The Council would focus on boosting the presence of Permaculture Australia as a truly representative, national body for the permaculture design system and on benefiting the community of permaculture practitioners in general.

A functional Council

Although the shape and role of the Representative Council will evolve once it is formed, preliminary thinking suggests it would:

  • work with the Board of Directors in developing and enacting strategic and shorter-term plans
  • plan, cost and develop specific projects to be undertaken by PA
  • explore funding, fundraising and grants that could enable and support PA activities and projects
  • undertake PA support functions for APCs (Australasian Permaculture Convergences) and IPCs (International Permaculture Convergences), plus initiatives such as the Global Collaboration permaculture  initiative to bring more coherence to permaculture as a truly global movement
  • support the management and promotion of International Permaculture Day
  • work with the Board in developing policies and codes of practice for permaculture
  • cooperating with the PA Communications Team, promote PA and its grants assistance scheme, Permafund
  • form working groups for specific tasks and support existing PA working groups and committees.

Inaugural PA Representative Council members would further refine the actions and responsibilities of the Council and the election procedure for future members.

The time to act is…

The concept of a PA Representative Council was first discussed in the Permaculture Australia email discussion group in 2010-11, following APC-10.
We encourage you to make an expression of interest in participating in the Representative Council if you have the motivation to further PA and permaculture as both a social movement and community of practice.

Your expression of interest in participating in the PA Representative Council can be submitted by Friday 31 March 2017:

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Funding grants for Women's Leadership Development

logoIn 2016 Women & Leadership Australia is administering a national initiative to support the development of female leaders across the agriculture and horticulture industries.
From September 21st 2016, the initiative will provide women in the agriculture and horticulture sectors with grants for leadership development. More specifically, grant applications are open for women at three levels. Please click on the preferred program link for details.  The deadline for expressing your interest for this funding in your sector ends on December 15th.

  • Senior management and executive level women leaders can apply for $8,000
    part-scholarships to undertake the Advanced Leadership Program
  • Mid-level female managers and  leaders can apply for $4,000 part-scholarships to undertake the Executive Ready Program
  • Aspiring talent and emerging women managers can apply for $3,000 part-scholarships to undertake the Accelerated Leadership Performance Program.

Expressions of Interest

Should you wish to discuss the initiative in more detail please contact Ian Johnson at the office of the National Industry Scholarship Program, Women and Leadership Australia on:

  • P: (03) 9270 9016 or
  • E:


Special notice regarding XGM and Membership Fee Changes

Permaculture International Ltd trading as Permaculture Australia

Special notice to Members regarding XGM and Membership Fee Changes – 2016
Membership Fees – Background
The recent September issue of PIP magazine marks three years that PA has included a PIP subscription for all of it’s members.
PA is happy to support PIP and values the subscription as an important service to PA members and the Australian permaculture community.  An adjustment of membership fees to contribute towards the additional cost of the PIP subscriptions is long overdue.
The current membership fees have remained unchanged for well over 10 years, despite major increases in PA’s costs. In recent years PA has drawn heavily on accrued APT funds to cross subsidise organisational and membership costs, including the PIP subs. This is not sustainable.  The Membership fee increase for ordinary and associate members is $15 or $10 for auto renewals, which is substantially less than the PIP cost.
Save on Auto Renewal
Members can save $5 a year on the new membership fees by choosing the automatic renewal option. This option is convenient for you by removing the hassle of remembering to renew every year, and it reduces much of the administrative workload for PA. This will free up the team to continue to improve member services and the effectiveness of PA as a voice for the permie community.
Bulk Memberships
This is a very special price for PDC teachers offering an introductory PA ordinary (full voting) membership to their course graduates so they can connect up with the wider permaculture community. PDC graduates are given a special code to use when the join and the teacher is invoiced for the reduced membership fee.
Thus, in accordance with the constitution, the board is calling an Extraordinary General Meeting to pass a special resolution to change the membership fees.
Extraordinary General Meeting
7pm Thurs 22nd  September 
By Hot Air Conference
1. Welcome.
2. Change of membership fees – background and questions answered
3. Special Resolution in accordance with Article 7 of the constitution
That the new Membership fees to become effective as of October 1, 2016 be as follows:

  • Ordinary Members  $50
  • Associate Members $40

Bulk ordinary membership joining fee $35 (first year only)
Incorporated Membership Fees:

  • Small Not For Profits  $60
  • Large Not For Profits   $85
  • Non-member and For-Profit entities: $85

A $5 discount for automatic renewal may be extended to all categories of membership.
4. Meeting close