Permaculture Service Awards Nominations are now open

Permaculture Service Awards Nominations are now open

Do you know an individual or group who has made significant contributions to the permaculture community?

Nominations are now open for the Permaculture Service Awards
Recognition of Elders
Recognition of Community Service
Innovation and Changemakers
Nominations are open until Midnight Sunday 26th February AESDT

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Awards will be presented at the Australian Permaculture Convergence, in Adelaide in April 2023
The awards will be announced at the APC and presented to those in attendance. Recipients who are not attending the APC will have their awards delivered to them. The presentations will be live-streamed.

And the winner is – South Australia for 2023!

And the winner is – South Australia for 2023!

We are thrilled to announce that South Australia has been successful in their bid to host the 2023 Australasian Permaculture Convergence, with support from Permaculture South Australia.

The vision for the 2023 APC is to run a fun, socially responsible, educational and sustainable event with the theme Toolkit for life: building a resilient future.

In addition, the APC 2023 will aim to:
* Accelerate learning about permaculture and practice
* Build, strengthen and connect permaculture communities (local and national)
* Bring together a community of designers, educators, learners and activists looking to use permaculture in their regions to tackle key challenges and grow resilient communities, and
* Showcase permaculture projects to inspire and inform participants.

There will be a range of events for people to encounter permaculture leading up to and post the APC. These will be for anyone, not just those registered for the Convergence. They will be independently organised and will have to meet some basic criteria set to be part of the official APC program. The APC 2023 team will also aim to film or audio record a selection of presentations at the APC and make available online to ensure greater access to some of the content.

More information:

Permaculture South Australia is active on Facebook and has loads of information on their website.

For those that use social media, you can join the APC Facebook group and follow the APC Facebook page, as well as find regular updates via the PA website.

Announcing David Holmgren, Patron of Permaculture Australia

Announcing David Holmgren, Patron of Permaculture Australia

Now as the PA Patron, I see my role as more actively contributing my conceptual and historical perspectives within the movement to support Permaculture Australia’s various priorities and projects towards the vision of an Australia enlivened by permaculture ethics and design principles. As patron I will continue to highlight the lineage from and respect for Indigenous and traditional ways of being inherent in permaculture that can help all Australians come to terms with history and rekindle a shared connection to country.”

David Holmgren, Co-originator of permaculture & Patron, Permaculture Australia

We were thrilled to announce David Holmgren, as the first Patron of Permaculture Australia at the Australasian Permaculture Convergence earlier this year. Here are some words from David on why he agreed to become our Patron and how we hopes his role will support Permaculture Australia and the continual growth of permaculture.

“Popularly seen as a ‘cool’ form of organic gardening, permaculture is better described as a design system for resilient living and land use based on universal ethics and ecological design principles. Although the primary focus of permaculture has been the redesign of gardening, farming, animal husbandry and forestry, the same ethics and principles apply to design of buildings, tools and technology. Applying permaculture ethics and principles in our gardens and homes inevitably leads us towards redesigning our ways of living so as to be more in tune with local surpluses and limits. Beyond the household scale diverse expressions of “social permaculture” are influencing decision making and organisational processes at the community and enterprise scale.

Permaculture is also a global movement of individuals, groups and networks working to create the world we want, by providing for our needs and organising our lives in harmony with nature. The movement is active across the globe in the most privileged and the most destitute communities and countries. Permaculture may be Australia’s most significant export for humanity facing a world of limits. The movement sprang up following the publication of Permaculture One in 1978 and has been a positive agent of influence on grass roots environmental and social innovation for nearly half a century, especially in its country of origin Australia. However the influence of permaculture is still not well understood by the media, policy makers or the general public.

Permaculture Australia is a national member based organisation that has illustrated the  permaculture design principle of “Small and Slow Solutions” as it evolved over the decades. It has a track record in media and communications, accredited training, overseas development assistance and self governance that makes it ready to take on the mantle of truly representing this broad, diverse and deeply influential social movement.

“If a critical mass of Australian local permaculture groups, designers, teachers, activists and everyday practitioners join Permaculture Australia for the benefits of membership then that membership base could trigger much greater benefits here and abroad.  With that critical mass of members and resources Permaculture Australia could give voice to permaculture ethics, design principles and solutions as being relevant to how all Australians navigate the climate, pandemic and associated emergencies that are taking over our individual and collective lives.” 

It could highlight how permaculture draws on the wisdom of indigenous and traditional cultures everywhere, recognising the value of old timer and new comer flora and fauna diversity and using the best from our shared global culture of science and modernity to craft new ways of living in tune with nature’s rhythms.  Further it could speak truth to power about removing the constraints and impediment to the self organised flourishing of our nation’s households and communities.

As the co-originator of the permaculture concept, I have never been an “organisation person” but have always supported Permaculture Australia for the work it has done over the years and for the potential outlined above.  It is often said that trying to get permies to align around a collective process is like trying to herd cats. However I believe Permaculture Australia, can provide that rallying point while respecting the benefits of our anarchic diversity.”

More information:

Not a member of Permaculture Australia? Join us today here and help us strengthen our collective national permaculture voice and advocacy activities.

2021 Permaculture service awards announced

2021 Permaculture service awards announced

” You can’t unlearn this stuff “

Bill Mollison, 1995

This was part of the Permaculture Elders Award acceptance speech by Mark Brown, recalling completing his Permaculture Design Course with Bill Mollison. PA members Mark and partner Kate Beveridge, who run Purple Pear Farm, and PA member Julianne Hartman comprised three of the ten Permaculture Elder Award recipients.

PA members were well represented in the Community Service award recipients, including Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar (Milkwood Permaculture), Hannah Maloney (Good Life Permaculture), Lis Bastian (The Big Fix/Permaculture Blue Mountains), Dan Palmer (Making Permaculture Stronger) and Richard Telford, Permaculture Principles.

We are thrilled to announce that PA Board Director Wendy Marchment (pictured above right), also received a Permaculture Community Service Award, which includes her service with Permaculture Australia and previously with Northey Street City Farm.

Finally, congratulations to Virginia Solomon, outgoing PA Board Director and Permaculture Elder who was awarded a Community Service Award for her outstanding commitment to permaculture education and Permaculture Australia.

The full list of the 2021 Community Service awardees are listed below.

2021 Permaculture Elders Award recipients

  • Jill Jordan
  • Jane Scott
  • Rob Swain
  • David Arnold
  • Kate Beveridge
  • Mark Brown
  • Steve Cran
  • Julianne Hartman
  • Hans Erken
  • Penny Pyett.

2021 Community Service Award recipients

  • Lis Bastian
  • Kirsten Bradley
  • Cally Brennan
  • Bunya Halasz
  • Penny Kothe
  • Hannah Maloney
  • Wendy Marchment
  • Dan Palmer
  • Nick Ritar
  • Virginia Solomon
  • Richard Telford.

A huge congratulations to all those who received awards and for their commitment and support to permaculture in Australia and globally.

Announcing David Holmgren, Patron of Permaculture Australia

Introducing the new Board of Directors

The 2021 Permaculture Australia Annual General Meeting was held on the 13th April 2021 at the Australasian Permaculture Convergence in Brisbane.

Congratulations to the following Board of Directors who have been appointed for 2021/2022:

  • Wendy Marchment, Victoria
  • Donna Morawiak, Queensland
  • Greg Rodwell, Victoria
  • Sophie Thompson, Queensland
  • Jed Walker, New South Wales

A huge thank you to our outgoing Board of Directors Greta Carroll, April Sampson-Kelly and Virginia Solomon, and also to Robyn Francis as the appointed Chair for the AGM.

Finally we are thrilled to announce David Holmgren, the co-originator of permaculture, has been appointed a Patron of Permaculture Australia. This is an enormous honor for Permaculture Australia and we look forward to working with David and the team at Holmgren Designs to further advocate for permaculture solutions.

(L-R) Kiran Charlie (PA Webmaster), April Sampson-Kelly (Outgoing Director), Robyn Francis (AGM Chair) Sophie Thompson (PA Board Director), Wendy Marchment (PA Board Director), Donna Morawiak (PA Board Director) Jed Walker (PA Board Director), David Holmgren (PA Patron), Virginia Solomon (Outgoing PA Chair) and Kym Blechynden (PA Membership & Marketing Manager).

Bids open for next APC 2023

Bids open for next APC 2023

Permaculture Australia is seeking Expressions of Interest to host the 16th Australasian Permaculture Convergence, to be held in April/May 2023.  Traditionally an organisation from a different state or territory has hosted each time in rotation.  A full list of past locations is listed below.

  1. Pappinbara, New South Wales (NSW)
  2. Otford, NSW
  3. Yarrahapinni, NSW
  4. Albury, NSW
  5. Crystal Waters, Queensland
  6. Roseworthy, South Australia
  7. Nimbin, NSW
  8. Eltham, Victoria
  9. Sydney, NSW
  10. Cairns, Queensland
  11. Turangi, New Zealand
  12. Penguin, Tasmania
  13. Perth, Western Australia
  14. Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
  15. Brisbane, Queensland
  16. Open for submissions.

How to apply

Interested organisation(s) should completed an EOI submission describing:

  • the vision for the APC
  • possible venues for the APC, including a pre/post permaculture festival event
  • the format of the event
  • the organising group/committee and experience in event management.

The one page submission should be submitted to before 5th April 2021

Next steps

All submissions received will be made public on the Permaculture Australia website following the closing date. Applicants will then be invited to speak to their application at the upcoming Australasian Permaculture Convergence, either in person or via web-link for those that aren’t present.

We look forward to receiving the submissions.