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MEETING COMMENCED: 7.30pm, Wednesday December 2, 2009 CHAIRED BY: Gillian Kozicki
PRESENT: Sue Mossman, Gillian Kozicki, Russ Grayson, Tim Winton, Jerome Santospirito
MINUTES SEC: Jerome Santospirito APOLOGIES: nil CHAIR WELCOME: Gillian opens the meeting at 7.30pm. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: 18Nov 2009
Moved By: Gillian that we accept them
Seconded By: Tim Carried
AGENDA ITEMS: 1. PILnamechangeoptionsandprocess
2. Financereport
1.0 PIL name change options and process
DISCUSSION: Permaculture Australia Ltd is available as corporate name, business name. Sue has ownership of domain name Permacultureaustralia.org.au which she has taken out with the intention of donating to PIL.
The company name Permaculture Australia Ltd is to be used for legal purposes with Permaculture Australia as the trading name and thus the branding.
PIL will require an extraordinary general meeting to be called to change the company name. Some notification required to membership for an extraordinary general and 10% turnout.
Moved By: Tim that PIL ensures ‘Permaculture Australia’ is available to propose for name change at an extraordinary general meeting by registering the business name at the office of Fair Trading and reserving it at ASIC
Seconded By: Gillian CARRIED Action Jerome to register and reserve name
2.0 Finance report
Carried forward as agenda items 5, 6 and 7 due to SKYPE disruption to meeting and decision to adjourn for one week and reconvene by teleconference call.
MEETING RECOMMENCED: 7.40pm, Wednesday December 9, 2009 CHAIRED BY: Gillian Kozicki PRESENT: Sue Mossman, Gillian Kozicki, Tim Winton, Jerome Santospirito MINUTES SEC: Jerome Santospirito
APOLOGIES: Russ Grayson CHAIR WELCOME: Gillian opens the meeting at 7.40pm. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: see above
3. AGM minutes 4. Merge2ndDecmeetingintoonewith9thDecmeeting 5. Treasurersreport(a)-Membership 6. Treasurer’sreport(b)-Bankbalances 7. Treasurer’sreport(c)-Sponsorship(fundsandprocess) 8. WebsiteandDarcy
3.0 AGM minutes
DISCUSSION: Minutes from August 2009 AGM to be located Moved By: Tim that the secretary locate the PIL AGM minutes from August 09 and
place them into the website Seconded By: Gillian CARRIED Action Jerome to locate
4.0 Merge 2nd Dec meeting into one with 9th Dec meeting
DISCUSSION: MovedBy:Jerome thattheminutesofthedisruptedDecember2ndmeetingbe
merged into one with the minutes of the reconvened December 9th meeting
Seconded By: Sue CARRIED 5.0 Treasurer’s report (a) – membership
DISCUSSION: Currently the system for renewal of PIL member ship is by automated reminder two weeks prior to expiry. Renewing members lodge their forms to the website which generates an email to the secretary and the treasurer. The current practice is that the secretary then registers people as members to the website and the treasurer is left to chase payments that don’t always come though. There is confusion.
Moved By: Gillian that registration to the website is confirmed by the Treasurer once payment has been received
Seconded By: Tim CARRIED 6.0 Treasurer’s report (b) – Bank Balances
DISCUSSION: As at 30 November, 2009 operating account balance of $950 after APT accreditation had been paid to DET. There are two outstanding invoices, $830 to Virginia Soloman and $300 to Darcy Clark. Jerome is to pay and forward to Gillian the ASIC and Eureka conference call invoices.
As at 30 November, 2009 Permafund account has a balance of $3621. Sue is still waiting for an application with regards to the translation request for funds.
Profit/Loss is sitting at a $6400 loss due to the three big bills for the year: APT reaccreditation, the auditor and the Permafund grant s paid during the year.
Equity is at $5200
There are a number of outstanding debtors, two APT teacher invoices outstanding from December 2008 which were carried forward at Dec 2008. It is proposed that they be written off at December 2009.There are also a number of membership applications awaiting payment from February to May 2009, it is proposed that they have their membership disabled and are also written off the books.
Claire Manning ?(Everitt) has been contacted regarding an ATR reconciliation with the PIL membership.
Moved By: Gillian that the bank balances from 30 November 2009 be accepted Seconded By: Jerome CARRIED
7.0Treasurer’s Report (c) – Sponsorship (funds and process)
DISCUSSION: Funds balance is not a true reflection of the situation as sponsorship donations for 2008 and 2009 are yet to be allocated and so remain in the sponsorship balance to be recorded at the close of the year.
Moved By: Tim that sponsored memberships are removed from the application form on the PIL website
Seconded By: Sue CARRIED
Action Tim to remove
8.0 Website development and hosting
DISCUSSION: Website needs an overhaul to better align it with the direction of PIL as an Australian Permaculture Community hub. Darcy has stated that he is no longer going to be a Plone host or do web development. Darcy will support the PIL site with minor adjustments for the one to two years it may take to fully transition.
The cost for a custom made development would be $4000-$6000 to enable posting of national news, course postings, article postings and the management of membership.
PIL needs someone to take on and steer the website development. Moved By: Sue that the upgrade of the website be prioritized Seconded By: Tim CARRIED
Action Tim to initiate PIL Board email discussion with Russ about web development
Next meeting Wednesday 3rd February 2010 at 7.30pm EST.
I certify that this is a true and accurate record of the meeting.
SIGNED: CHAIR _______________________________________

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