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The old Ordinary and Associate membership options have merged to become Ordinary Membership:

  • Ordinary members don’t need a permaculture qualification to join up – anyone with an interest in permaculture is most welcome!
  • Ordinary members can still vote at PA AGMs.
  • Ordinary members are eligible for an increasing range of member discounts from ethical businesses and permaculture providers.

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Pip magazine is the place for news on permaculture in Australia, showcasing people and projects around Australia and internationally. There are three editions of this beautiful magazine each year.

To give members the choice, PA will no longer provide Pip magazine as standard with any membership category. Instead, PA is pleased to offer a heavily discounted subscription to members for only an additional $15 per year. That’s a saving of over 60% on the usual price of Pip.


Annual payment means you pay now through PayPal and 7 days before your membership ends (in a year's time) you will be sent a reminder and invited to join again

Recurring payment means you pay now through PayPal and will be automatically charged next year and each year thereafter until you cancel your subscription by logging into PayPal

Pip emag is the electronic version of the permaculture magazine - you will be able to view the digital version on 5 different devices.

Pip paper mag means you will be posted the paper/hard copy version of the magazine (please ensure your postal address is accurate).

It costs $15 extra to receive Pip magazine for a year, in either digital or paper format. Please note that the paper magazine cannot be posted out of Australia. Pip magazine is published 3 times a year - roughly in the beginning, middle, and end of the year.

You do need a PayPal account to choose a recurring payment option for PA membership; apologies that there is no other payment method available. PayPal integrates with our database system so that the whole process is automated (and hopefully reduces errors/problems). For annual payment options a PayPal account is only optional. The tick box at the bottom of the form is to subscribe to the electronic newsletters that PA sends out regularly.

Existing members:
If you choose an option now before your current membership is finished, you will lose any time you had left; however, if you paid within the last 180 days you can request a partial refund after joining again (send a message to the [email protected] email address) - this will be processed manually. Please realise that PA has been subsidising the cost of Pip to members for 2 editions during 2017 and would appreciate your financial generosity in signing up sooner rather than later. Also, joining again now means you go into the ongoing prize draws!

NB tip: If you are using a phone or tablet, please scroll down and check that there is a paypal button showing - if not please reload/refresh the page before entering in your details.

Please ensure you LOGIN if you are a current member or have been one in the past. Use the link provided if you have lost your password. If you need help with this, email us.

Underneath Checkout Options is a dropdown list to choose the option you would like to purchase.

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If you have questions about membership, please email; [email protected] Someone will endeavour to answer your enquiry as soon as they can.