Australian Permaculture Convergence (APC)

Australian Permaculture Convergences (APCs) happen every 2 years, usually in the Autumn. Convergence attendees are expected to have completed a permaculture design course or equivalent, or to be participating in a design course.

Attendees typically come from all over Australia, New Zealand and south-east Asia.  They are an opportunity for everyone to share their permaculture journey, their research into resilient and productive systems, and have fruitful discussions about the future directions of permaculture in the world.

They are a chance to showcase best practice in sustainable living and demonstrate how permaculture can bring about positive changes in people’s lives, the environment and offer solutions to the inevitable changes that are taking place in the world right now.

The location of APCs moves around Australia and has been in New Zealand too.

Date Claimer - APC15

An entry for your diaries/calendars:
Sunday 19th April 2020 - Permaculture Festival at Northey Street City Farm (Brisbane, QLD)
Monday - Thursday 20-23 April 2020 - Australian Permaculture Convergence at Redland Bay, South Moreton Bay (35 mins from Brisbane - accessible by public transport).
Tours of Northern NSW and Southeast QLD will follow the convergence.

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