Subcommittee coordinator

Job Description


Each PIL subcommittee is composed of members of PIL engaged in undertaking the tasks of various areas of PIL operations. The subcommittees formulate proposals for action and communicate these to the PIL board and gain approval where appropriate.

The subcommittee coordinators role is to:

  • act as the point of contact with the Permaculture Australia board
  • facilitate the overall activities of their subcommittee
  • compile a quarterly report of subcommittee activities for the quarterly Permaculture Australia members report
  • work with the Permaculture Australia secretary in maintaining a register of subcommittee members and their contact details.



  1. Drew Barr

    Hi all – is this advert still current?

  2. PA admin Post author

    I think Kat, a director at the time posted this item in 2011. Do you want to to take it offline now?

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