2014-2015 PA Directors

Meet the directors

2014 saw 5 of us stand for voluntary positions on the Board with the basic requirements of complying with the regulations of being a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee'.  We feel it’s important to continue to nurture a national, democratic organisation that represents the aspirations of permaculture people and groups.


Morag GambleMorag Gamble (Communications team liaison)  — Queensland

Morag has worked in permaculture for 20 years and in 20 countries. She has lived at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village since 1997 and built their families eco-home and develop their permaculture property. She co-founded Northey Street City Farm and the Australia City Farms & Community Gardens Network. Her specialities are: sustainability education and design, permaculture consulting, rilm-maker, helping set up kitchen gardens in schools and the setup of community gardens and urban agriculture projects.


annaliese hordernAnnaliese Hordern — Northern Rivers, NSW

Annaliese is an inspiring, passionate Permaculture educator committed to evolving an inclusive and interactive teaching style, fostered by some of the great Permaculture pioneers. She is excited by curriculum development, designing new leaning tools and mentoring her students towards their personal goals in sustainability and design.

Annaliese has a degree in Environmental Resource Management, specialising in waste management and the human impact on wild spaces. She has lived amongst numerous Eco Communities globally, many off the grid, contributing to edible and medicinal gardens, wildlife corridors, riparian zones, building structures, composting toilets and supporting harmonious social cohesion.

Inspired by a recent Localising Food Tour of New Zealand with Robina McCurdy, food security is important to her. Currently, Annaliese teaches PDCs at Permaculture College Australia, researches / consults on Permaculture designs and facilitates community workshops.

Annaliese is a training consultant for a medicinal herb company and is the Garden Curator of the LupunaLuz Ethnobotanical Gardens in Peru.


john-mckenzie-150x150John McKenzie (Permafund convenor) — Melbourne, Victoria

Long time overseas Aid & Development worker who is active in the Permafund group and PA Governance issues.


taj sciclunaTaj Scicluna (Secretary, APT team liaison) — Victoria

Taj intends on creating a fertile and abundant world, where the Earth's resources are distributed fairly, with care and responsibility.

Taj has been running her own small Permaculture business as 'The Perma Pixie' which focuses on Permaculture Education and Awareness, and offering regenerative and sustainable services such as Permaculture Design, Consultation and the implementation of Gardens.


guy-stewart-150x150Guy Stewart — Northern NSW

Teacher and community developer from Nimbin, NSW.