” You can’t unlearn this stuff “

Bill Mollison, 1995

This was part of the Permaculture Elders Award acceptance speech by Mark Brown, recalling completing his Permaculture Design Course with Bill Mollison. PA members Mark and partner Kate Beveridge, who run Purple Pear Farm, and PA member Julianne Hartman comprised three of the ten Permaculture Elder Award recipients.

PA members were well represented in the Community Service award recipients, including Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar (Milkwood Permaculture), Hannah Maloney (Good Life Permaculture), Lis Bastian (The Big Fix/Permaculture Blue Mountains), Dan Palmer (Making Permaculture Stronger) and Richard Telford, Permaculture Principles.

We are thrilled to announce that PA Board Director Wendy Marchment (pictured above right), also received a Permaculture Community Service Award, which includes her service with Permaculture Australia and previously with Northey Street City Farm.

Finally, congratulations to Virginia Solomon, outgoing PA Board Director and Permaculture Elder who was awarded a Community Service Award for her outstanding commitment to permaculture education and Permaculture Australia.

The full list of the 2021 Community Service awardees are listed below.

2021 Permaculture Elders Award recipients

  • Jill Jordan
  • Jane Scott
  • Rob Swain
  • David Arnold
  • Kate Beveridge
  • Mark Brown
  • Steve Cran
  • Julianne Hartman
  • Hans Erken
  • Penny Pyett.

2021 Community Service Award recipients

  • Lis Bastian
  • Kirsten Bradley
  • Cally Brennan
  • Bunya Halasz
  • Penny Kothe
  • Hannah Maloney
  • Wendy Marchment
  • Dan Palmer
  • Nick Ritar
  • Virginia Solomon
  • Richard Telford.

A huge congratulations to all those who received awards and for their commitment and support to permaculture in Australia and globally.

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