Fair Share: Permafund Grant round focused on bushfire preparedness and recovery

Permafund, as part of Permaculture Australia, provides small grants to community permaculture projects in Australia and overseas.
We are pleased to announce that our next grant round will focus on designing for disaster, including bushfire preparedness and recovery.

"As designers we begin with observations of external factors that effect any site and a critical one to conciser is the potential for natural disasters....wildfire being one of them. We proceed with the design that disasters will occur and can then place components within it to mitigate its severity to our most important asset such as our house," John Champagne, Convenor Permafund.
The Permafund committee comprises extensive experience in permaculture projects in Australia and internationally, including disaster preparedness and response.
"Permafund has been active the past eight years assisting small NGO's around the world with their permaculture initiatives. It's important now to focus on the fire crisis we're experiencing in Australia and assist local Permaculture groups in this time of need." says John Champagne, Convenor Permafund.
Donations of $2 are tax deductible, and can be set up as a regular or once off donation via: https://permacultureaustralia.org.au/permafund/donating-to-permafund-is-easy/
Further details about the grant round will be released shortly or can be received via [email protected]org.au.  Thank you in advance for your support to Permaculture Australia and Permafund.
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