Permafund team 2019 Gathering at Brogo Permaculture Gardens, Bega

In September 2019, the members of Permaculture  Australia's Permafund team gathered at Brogo Permaculture Gardens, the home of John & Sharon Champagne, near Bega, southern New South Wales.

Property tour guide John Champagne

The team members, who'd travelled from Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, enjoyed a tour of the permaculture-designed property before settling in for a weekend of discussions to look back at the previous years of Permafund projects and to plan for the years ahead.

It was great to see each other face to face, exchange ideas, work on projects, enjoy Sharon's delicious meals and see the results of years of planning, creativity and hard work come to fruition in the form of Brogo Permaculture Gardens.

Sharon's vegetable gardens protected from the birds and insect predators

Spring flowering of fruit trees protected in a fully screened orchard, also home for a family of happy geese.