Offer for Permaculture Teachers

Do you teach permaculture in Australia and want to offer a great benefit to your graduating students? We are excited to offer an easy sign up system for new permaculture graduates from PDC's and Certificate permaculture courses in just a few steps.

What? Let us know the dates you'd like students to be able to sign up and we'll generate a special voucher code for them to use for their membership sign up.  We'll then send you the invoice for their one year PA membership (@$40/student). Easy!

Why? Permaculture graduates have fantastic new skills to share and becoming part of a permaculture organisation will help them continue to learn and stay active in permaculture.

Offering PA membership is also a great marketing opportunity - another great benefit to promote that your students will receive from completing your permaculture course. 

But don't just take our word for it. See what some of our teachers and students have to say:

Directly after a PDC, some students can feel isolated and disconnected from the life they're seeking to create. Joining PA can help prevent this and provide avenues for people to get involved in projects - or support them to start their own!”, Hannah, Co-Director, Good Life Permaculture

"Ballarat Permaculture Guild gifts its PDC students a 1 year membership to PA because we believe that they need to know about, and hopefully participate in, the broader permaculture community, especially outside their local area. Such memberships help to create greater connection between permaculture groups/practitioners and promote an understanding of just how widespread permaculture is", Karen and Steve, Ballarat Permaculture Guild

I found receiving the PA membership a great bonus as part of my Milkwood PDC – it meant I started using my great new skills straight away and got involved with PA as a volunteer as well as my state permie association – and I’m still an active member years later", Kym PDC Graduate, Milkwood

"I think it is very important for new permie grads to join their permaculture organisation. The old adage 'if you don't use it, you loose it'  applies to permaculture design - being able to utilise the foundation knowledge learnt during the PDC with other like minded people consolidates the knowledge learnt", Amy PDC Graduate, Good Life Permaculture

How? Contact Kym via [email protected] to set up your voucher code or for any queries.

Thanks for your support to Permaculture Australia, the national permaculture member based organisation.