Your donations to Permafund are making a difference

Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible in Australia.

  • every dollar helps Permafund make a difference with micro-grants for  permaculture-related projects by organisations in Australia and overseas
  • gifts to Permafund are changing lives and restoring environments around the world
  • even small grants can make a massive difference in many countries and help communities improve their circumstances and surroundings
  • your donations demonstrate the permaculture spirit of sharing and goodwill.

How can I donate?

A new feature on the Permaculture Australia website makes setting up a regular donation easy.

Permafund gratefully accepts:

  • one-off donations
  • recurring donations
  • tithes from businesses who donate a percentage profits
  • proceeds from an open farm or garden
  • corporate contributions
  • funds raised by events, workshops and courses, etc
  • bequests.

In 2017 micro-grants were distributed to six projects that fulfilled the principal purpose of Permafund:

  • to help preserve, restore and enhance natural environments and habitats through permaculture education and the application of permaculture design principles
  • to support community development projects in Australia and internationally
  • to support permaculture education and the distribution of education materials to benefit communities globally.

Permafund continues to support the Permatil project to produce and publish the new edition of the multi-volume Tropical Permaculture Guidebook and to evaluate the success of permaculture education in Timor Leste schools.

To donate, choose your payment option from the list below. The earth will thank you!

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How to make a donation via Paypal (annual or recurring payment), Direct Payment (bank transfer) or cheque...

Step 1: Choose your payment option from the three options below...

  • Recurring payment via Paypal
  • One-off payment via Paypal
  • Offline Payment — more details will be revealed to show bank payment details and an address to which to post the cheque once you complete Step 2 below.

Step 2: Choose the amount you wish to donate below.

  • For the RECURRING payment option, tick the box and choose the frequency of payment by the day, week, month or by year.
  • You can cancel your RECURRING PAYMENTS via Paypal by going to your Paypal account.

Step 3: Click on the 'DONATE NOW' button if you have your payments options ready.

Step 4: A form will be revealed for you to complete your contact details and confirm donation amount screen.

Step 5: Complete your personal information and billing details.

Step 6: Click on the final button — 'DONATE NOW' and you are all done.

Thanks for your generosity and implementing the third ethic of Permaculture —  'Sharing What's Spare'.


Permafund – Recurring payment

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Donation Total: $50.00 Monthly


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Donation Total: $50.00

OFFLINE PAYMENTS via direct payment or cheque

Offline payment

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In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

How you can donate offline...

1. Direct debit

Please include your name in the description area and deposit at:

Bank of Melbourne
Account name: Permaculture International Limited Permafund
BSB: 193 879
Account Number: 450021204

2. Cheque/money order

Donations may also be mailed as a cheque/money order made out to:

Permaculture International Limited, clearly marked PERMAFUND and sent to:

Permaculture International
P.O Box 230
Church Point NSW 2105.

Checking for spammers...


Donation Total: $50.00

PERMACULTURE INTERNATIONAL LTD trades as Permaculture Australia. When you donate to the Permafund via Paypal you will be directed to Permaculture International Ltd's Paypal account.

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Having trouble with online or offline payments?

If you are having trouble with your Paypal payment you can opt for the offline payment system.

Let us know if you are having any trouble and we can investigate further.