Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting


Notice to members of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Permaculture International Limited (trading as Permaculture Australia) to be held:

  • Wednesday 18th April 2018 at 14.00 at GREENHILLS CONFERENCE CENTRE, Stromlo, ACT (near Canberra) (find out more here), or join us via Teleconference (see instructions below)

Members are recommended to read the Financial and Annual reports before the meeting. Note that the Annual Report is for Jan 1-Dec 31 2017 and so the 2018 AGM accepts the 2017 report. The meeting will cover standard AGM business as per the following Agenda.

Here are all the relevant documents

Agenda for AGM 2018 Annual Report 2017 Draft Minutes, 2017 AGM

If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can still vote (All proxies are to be returned by email to the Secretary by 2.00 pm Tuesday 17 April 2018.). Here are the instructions on how to vote via proxy and the form for you to complete to nominate your proxy voter:

View information about proxy voting including the proxy form

You have until 5pm Sunday 15 April to nominate someone as a director of PA:

Visit this page to nominate your preferred candidate as a PA Director

Click on the tabs for more information...

Election of Board of Directors

Notes on the election of Board of Directors:

Current directors Robyn Francis and Kym Blechynden have notified the Board that they will not be available for re-election. We thank them for their service and commitment to PIL/PA on the Board. Current directors that are prepared to serve again on the board if nominated are Virginia Solomon, Steve Burns, Ronni Martin, Eric Smith, and Dylan Graves.

Under the Articles of the Company, a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 Directors shall be appointed. The current Board have expressed a strong desire to support new Directors, to maintain diversity of representation and to achieve the full number of 7 Directors. The roles of Secretary and Treasurer will also need to be filled, from within the elected Directors.

All nominees must be nominated by two other members. Nominations can be received in writing before the meeting or when the item is considered during the meeting. If you cannot attend in person please use the attached proxy form to make nominations or to offer an expression of interest to accept a nomination to the Board.

If you are not attending in person, you may join the meeting via Teleconference call. (See instructions below) The Teleconference will be opened 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the meeting allowing the secretary time to verify members as they join the call.

Instructions for using Teleconference facilities

Telephone numbers for joining a conference call

The participants join the meeting by dialing the toll free number or one of the city telephone numbers listed below – as appropriate for you, then the enter the access code as directed.

1. Dial into the conference:

Dial-in Number: (02) 8077 0530
Australia: Access Code — 324972
International Dial-in Number —

2. Join the online meeting:

Online Meeting Link:
Online Meeting ID: enews


  • At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial into the conference line. When prompted, enter the Access Code followed by the # key.
  • To join the online meeting, click on the meeting link listed above and follow the prompts to join the meeting.
  • For 24/7 customer service please call 844-844-1322

For Inquires:

Election of Directors to the Board

If you would like to be active in the PA organisation and help its development over the coming twelve months and beyond, it important to:

  1. Make sure you are a current financial member of Permaculture Australia and
  2. Consider whether you may like to nominate to become a Board member or if you would like to nominate another qualified permaculturalist to become a Board member (with their prior agreement).
  3. Attend and contribute to the AGM in person or by teleconference.
  4. If you are not available on the AGM date, you can submit your proxy vote beforehand.

What does Board membership involve?

Being a Board member of Permaculture Australia is an unpaid honorary position with the Board requiring the 7 Board members to collectively have a mix of the following skills and abilities:

  1. Leadership skills & qualities
  2. Willingness and reliability to dedicate a significant amount of time for the duties which come with the position including availability for monthly evening teleconference Board meetings and regular evening sub-committee Skype or teleconference meetings. Also an enthusiasm to participate in subcommittees focused on key initiatives eg. APT, Permafund, Communications etc.etc.
  3. Preferably some experience with the administration of permaculture groups or projects or other not-for- profit groups
  4. Communication, consultative and diplomacy skills
  5. Some degree of IT savvy and adequate, reliable internet connection facilities
  6. Financial management, accounting or book-keeping skills are advantageous for liaison with auditors, government departments and registered training organisations
  7. Project and/pr event management skills
  8. Some experience with registered training organisations, permaculture teaching, course design and delivery and administering Accredited Permaculture Training.
  9. Media liaison and advocacy skills
  10. Marketing skills
  11. Grant writing, acquittal and assessment skills
  12. Clerical and administrative skills
  13. Understanding of governance and legal compliance requirements
  14. Fund raising ideas to help support permaculture projects through the Permafund
  15. Networking experience.

How are Directors elected?

Under the Permaculture Australia Constitution, members who wish to stand for election to the Board must be nominated by at least 2 other members. If you want to self-nominate and don't know any PA members, then send a couple of references from people who know what relevant skills you have to offer PA, and PA members attending the AGM can nominate during the AGM if they feel they have enough information about you (you are also entitled to speak to the meeting in support of your self-nomination).

The minimum number of Directors is 5, and the maximum 7. All positions are declared vacant at the AGM, but current Directors can re-nominate. Nominations can be made prior to the AGM, and nominees are encouraged to post information in support of their candidacy on the PA website, including the names of their nominating members.

Nominees can also be nominated by 2 members on the floor of the AGM. Where there are more than 7 nominees, Directors will arrange for a ballot to be held.

PA Board member nomination details

I’d still like to vote and nominate someone but can’t attend the AGM?

If you cannot attend the AGM you can have someone vote on your choice on your behalf, as a proxy. Click the button about proxy voting above.

Nominations so far...

The following people have been nominated for election to the management board of Permaculture Australia. Click on their name to find out more... [more will added here as they are received]

Virginia Solomon (PA member) — VIC

Current PA Director standing for re-election

Supporting statement:  why Virginia would make an appropriate board member

BA, Grad. Dip Education, Diploma of Permaculture, Diploma of Training and Assessment Systems, Cert IV TAE, PA Member for more than 10 years

Member of the Technical Reference Group for development of the Permaculture components in the Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation & Land Management Training Package, formerly member of the Victorian Institute of Teaching and Australian Association of Environmental Educators Accredited Permaculture Training Liaison with PA Board, Convenor of the APT Working Group since 2014, Editor APT Assessment Guides Project and Chair of the Review Committee.

Eric Smith (PA member) — TAS

Current PA Director standing for re-election

Supporting statement: why Eric would make an appropriate board member

Dip Permaculture (APT), Cert Hort. Committee member for APC 2015 (Penguin), self employed landscape gardener. Eric has been involved in organising a successful national permaculture convergence in Tasmania and has completed his Permaculture Diploma at the Riverina College which has given him a good insite into the APT. He also has online communications experience - experience with Facebook page maintenance and administration - which will help PA communicate and connect with the wider permaculture movement around Australia. Eric would bring his useful experience with APT and online work to the organisation.

Veronica (Ronni) Martin (PA member) — QLD

Current PA Director standing for re-election

Supporting statement:  why Veronica would make an appropriate board member

She completed her PDC in the 1980's with Lea Harrison and Judith Turley at Tyalgum. She was awarded a Diploma of Permaculture around two years later. She also hold a Bachelor of Design Studies, a Grad. Dip. in Community Development and Masters in Social Welfare Administration and Planning

She is currently the Education and Support Team Manager for Northey Street City Farm. She was previously the State Director for Qld for Oxfam Australia. She has also been on the board of Co-operatives and an ethical investment fund.

She operated two permaculture nurseries - Edible Landscapes and Food Forest Nursery in the *0's and 90's. This also involved convening permaculture courses and doing suburban permaculture designs. Currently she works at Northey Street City Farm, promoting permaculture through our education program.

She is passionate about implementing and promoting permaculture in the broadest sense, especially in the area of organisational development - creating well-functioning structures to support our growing movement for change.

She gained experience in fundraising & community education while working for Oxfam.

Dylan Graves (PA member) — QLD

Current PA Director standing for re-election

Supporting statement:  why Dylan would make an appropriate board member

Founder and organiser of Stanthorpe Permaculture Group since 2014. Fully immersed in Permaculture since 2011 - implemented systems in Tropics and Cool temperate. A Permaculture teacher.

Committed sharer of Permaculture in action through articles, video, blog, presentations, social media, etc. Experienced user of social media, youtube, Google products, general content creation software - very IT savvy.

Motivated to back the Permaculture movement in any way possible. Up to date with Permaculture worldwide - avid listener of podcasts, collector of videos, reader of related books, and peruser of other online resources. Plenty of practical experience in implementing systems on the ground - growing soil & food, building, animal systems, water, solar, etc.

Attention to detail - desire to do things right. Passion for the Permaculture Ethics and Principles.

Steve Burns (PA member) — VIC

Current PA Director standing for re-election

Supporting statement:  why Steve would make an appropriate board member

Director of private company April 2000 to present, current President of Ballarat Permaculture Guild, teacher on local Permaculture Design Courses & specialist skills workshops (e.g. grafting, group stages) presenter at Permaculture Scotland convergence (July 2017)
Experience and drive.

Keri Chiveralls (PA member) — SA

Supporting statement: why Keri would make an appropriate board member

Qualifications (incl. PDC, APT, & other): PhD Grad Dip Social Science BA Arts Hons Anth, PDC Food Forest, Green Educators Course, Permaculture Teacher Training Permaculture College, Advanced Permaculture Teacher Training Melliodora
Experience (in Governance & Management): International Permaculture Convergence Committee, Permaculture Educators Guild, Head of Course and Discipline Lead CQUniversity Permaculture
Permaculture background: Founded post-grad permaculture at CQUniversity
What would you/they bring to PA and the board?: Passion for permaculture education and linkages with IPCC and higher education and research.
Referees: Annaliese Hordern, former PA board member

Nominated by:
Virginia Solomon (PA member)

Ben Habib (PA member) — VIC

Supporting statement: why Ben would make an appropriate board member

Qualifications (incl. PDC, APT, & other): PDC, PhD
Experience (in Governance & Management): Board member, OASES Graduate School 2014-16.
Permaculture background: Teach into CERES PDC.
Teach permaculture in environmental politics subjects at La Trobe University.
Academic research project on permaculture as an international social movement; permaculture in Northeast Asia.
La Trobe University / CERES Global organic agriculture and sustainability study tours to China, South Korea and India.
What would you/they bring to PA and the board?: Board experience, experience in education sector, international permaculture connections, public profile and large social media network.
Referees: Robin Clayfield, Crystal Waters, QLD

Nominated by:
Sarah Gorman

Wendy Marchment (PA member) — VIC

Supporting statement: why Sarah would make an appropriate board member

Qualifications (incl. PDC, APT, & other): BSc, PDC, Cert III Permaculture, Cert IV TAA
Experience (in Governance & Management): numerous committees associated with universities. Have held positions of Chair, Treasurer and committee member associated with Permaculture Geelong, Bicycle advocacy, squash clubs, Child care management etc
Permaculture background: Education Coordinator at Northey Street City Farm 2010-11
Permaculture Geelong Convenor 2014-16, organiser of 2015 Geelong PDC
Member of Permaculture Educators Guild
What would you/they bring to PA and the board?: organisational skills, teacher perspective, university admin background, expertise in surveys and analysis, report writing skills
Referees: Robin Clayfield, Dick Copeman

Nominated by:
Virginia Solomon

Cally Brennan (PA member) — ACT

Supporting statement: why Cally would make an appropriate board member

Qualifications (incl. PDC, APT, & other): 2011 PDC, 2016 Advanced Permaculture Design, BA Hons, PhD
Experience (in Governance & Management): I am on the organising committee for APC 14, where my role has been to model the likely costs and income from APC 14 to help set the ticket price, as well as manage the relationship with the venue (Greenhills) and manage all ticket bookings and accommodation requests.
I work part time in the public service and I manage a governance contract for a $20 million big data project with the CSIRO, called the Energy Use Data Model.
Permaculture background: I joined PermablitzACT in 2009 and subsequently coordinated PermablitzACT for a year, before founding a small permaculture-focused garden design business called Canberra Permaculture Design through which I offer design and education services to Canberra and surrounds, currently on a part time basis (I also work part time in the public service). I have also taught on one PDC which was run by Martyn Noakes (Bredbo Valley View Farm).

More recently I did an advanced permaculture design certificate with Ross Mars and Graeme Bell which was a great way to compare and develop my design process with other permaculture designers. At home we are slowly converting our land and building along permaculture principles with the aim for it to become a teaching and demonstration space for what can be achieve through permaculture in the suburbs.
What would you/they bring to PA and the board?: I have enthusiasm and energy, care and compassion. If I commit to a project I will see it through. Through my work for APC 14 I have realised I am particularly focused on the people care ethic, and would like to explore the following opportunities within a role on the PA board:
1. Using any money made from APC 14 to support future Australasian Permaculture Convergences to be able to guarantee a certain amount of financial assistance to their volunteers and to enable sponsorship of overseas attendees who otherwise could not come.
2. Looking at how PA can store and share the knowledge and learnings from each convergence to share with the next organising committee.
3, Exploring ways to promote and support PA members and the work that they do, as well as permaculture more broadly.
Referees: John Champagne & Penny Kothe

Nominated by:
Virginia Solomon

Signed Kym Blechynden
Company Secretary
Permaculture International Ltd.
Australian Company Number: 003 386 258

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