The multiplying effect of donations to Permafund

"Every donation received has a multiplying effect in many countries around the globe and demonstrates the permaculture spirit of goodwill and sharing: …Rosemary Morrow

EVERY YEAR tax-deductible donations to Permafund change lives, both in Australia and around the world.

Permafund, the fundraising arm of Permaculture Australia, annually awards much-needed grants to organisations to fund permaculture-related projects.

Permafund patron, Rowe Morrow said, “Every donation received has a multiplying effect in many countries around the globe and demonstrates the permaculture spirit of goodwill and sharing”.

Permafund patron, Rosemary Morrow.

“The generosity of donors to Permafund has enabled the support of a raft of meaningful community projects in Australia, Africa and countries such as India, Haiti, Indonesia and beyond.

“The feedback Permafund receives from grant recipients illustrates what a massive difference even small donations can make to help communities alter their circumstances”.

For example, in Orissa, India, a project to reintroduce the long-forgotten practice of growing millet as a sustainable, staple alternative to water-hungry rice crops was made possible through generous donations to Permafund.

Feedback received: ‘Thank you Permafund for supporting this small but ambitious plan.’ G. John, THREAD Siddharth Village, Orissa, India.

Tribal women sorting the successful harvest of ancient millet varieties for sharing and sowing in their villages

Meanwhile in Kenya, Africa, hundreds of children participated in school tree planting projects to help counteract widespread deforestation, with support from Permafund.

A grateful message received said, "Greetings from the OTEPIC Kenya project. Hope you are doing fine, we are fine too working in our garden and also teaching more on permaculture to the communities here also the school tree planting project is doing great, it is wonderful seeing so many children happy about it" …Philip Odhiambo Munyasia, OTEPIC Project Coordinator

OTEPIC project students, their teachers and parents helped plant 5000 propagated trees.

And, in Indonesia, school children are learning how to plant and maintain permaculture gardens, harvesting fresh, tasty food for healthy eating at the  Sekolahku-MySchool project, Indonesia

“Children helped create this food garden at the Sekolahku-MySchool project, Indonesia.

One hundred percent of all donations received are allocated to projects like these. From an individual donation to giving the proceeds from a fundraising event or even a recurring corporate contribution, there are many ways ‘permies’ and supporters of permaculture can contribute to Permafund.

Rowe Morrow and her team of volunteers raised $1500 recently during a six-day residential course, Permaculture in Precarious Places, in the Blue Mountains, NSW. It was an example of an activity with more than one function:

  • a face-to-face gathering,
  • a learning opportunity
  • a fund-raiser.

It was a fun and productive way of supporting the work of Permafund.

Permaculture co-inventor, David Holmgren, his partner Su Dennett as well as Richard Telford and Oliver Holmgren of Permaculture Principles generously tithe ten percent of the profits from the sale of their products and publications to Permafund, a much appreciated contribution.

When John Champagne and Claude Marmoux invite local folk in the Bega area to their Open Gardens events once or twice a year, together they raise $1000 for Permafund over a weekend.

From Cameroon and Kenya in Africa to East Timor, India, Pakistan and Nepal in Asia and Haiti in the Caribbean, there is great potential to assist many more projects and regions with funds raised.

Chris Evans wrote, “That's great news and many thanks on behalf of Himalayan Permaculture Centre and Sunrise Farm, Nepal”  which received a Permafund microgrant to help rebuild essential shelters.

Reconstruction of Sunrise Farm in Nepal after the earthquake.

“We've just had our first small harvest at the schools and the local business community were happy to start purchasing using the community currency. We are hoping to see it grow and grow”, said William O. Ruddick, Founder, Grassroots Economics Foundation.

“Fresh produce grown by the students provides organic food to trade in their community”.

Fresh produce grown by the students provides organic food to trade in their community — Grassroots Economics, Kenya.

Your donations or tithes of $2.00 or more are tax deductible as Permafund, (the Permaculture International Public Fund) has Deductible Gift Recipient status.

The new Permaculture Australia website has made donations to Permafund online easy.

Multiply your dollars today by donating to Permafund for its grants program.

Permafund, the planet, its people and the environment will wholeheartedly thank you for it.

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Donations of $2.00 or more to Permafund are tax deductible.

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