Make your money count – 2015 Grants

Eight thousand dollars may or may not sound much to us in this country, but imagine how far it can take you if you’re in Kenya, India or Cameroon…

Eight thousand dollars is what Permafund redistributed last year as part of our 2015 Grant process.

Organisation Project Country
Otepic Kenya Schools Tree Planting Kenya
CENDEP Cameroon Food forest education and analogue forestry Cameroon
Thread India India millet seed saving India
Sekotahkan Java School Garden Indonesia
Sherbrook food forest Community food forest Australia
Permatil Tropical permaculture guidebook Australia
Sunrise Farm, Himalayan Permaculture Centre Post-earthquake repair of infrastructures Nepal


Check back often on Facebook or Permaculture Australia website for updates on these projects. We are in the process of collecting reports and pictures from them all.

Our goal is to keep on sharing funds with micro-grants and for this we need your generosity… Click the link below to donate to Permafund and see permaculture project take off .

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