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Story and photos by the Permafund Committee

In its 2015-16 grant round PA’s Permafund supported GrassRoots Economics, Kenya with a A$2,000 grant.
The GrassRoots team is based in Mikindani near Mombasa. The funded project involves two local schools. They are building and maintaining a community food garden and tree nursery to help restore a significant mangrove area in the township. A group of local businesses are also supporting the project
Produce from the gardens is being sold using a community credit system that can be used for paying school fees and buying essential goods.
in June 2016 GrassRoots reported that the project was in full swing. The school children and locals have been introduced to the permaculture practices of companion planting, natural water harvesting, swale digging, wheel gardening, guilds, seed harvesting and more.

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