It’s your permaculture adventure, so write it up


IT'S TIME, isn't it, that we wrote up our adventures in permaculture design and shared them? That way we get to know what each other are doing around the country and that way we get to be inspired.

So now is the opportunity — our opportunity — to do that. All we need do is this:

  1. refresh your coffee cup with a dose of invigorating neurochemicals and sip steadily
  2. think of your most interesting adventures in permaculture design — current or older, doesn't matter
  3. start typing and empty your brain of those ideas
  4. watch them appear as letters on your screen
  5. add a couple photos
  6. email them to:
  7. watch as they apear on Permaculture Australia's website and social media.

Easy, yes?

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  1. kay saarinen

    I am loving this idea, i have been chipping away at our permaculture farm for 10yrs now and are finally seeing the results, we have made colosal mistakes and some brilliant disissions (if i do say myself) we have now gone as far as growing all our own herbs and manufacturing on farm our all natural skin care.
    Our project at the moment is the orchard, ducks and chooks encloser. This is the FINAL one, dare i say though it is probably the 5th enclosure we have done thus so far, all we have learnt from. I am so excited about it that i am definatly going to email about it. Just a question though, how many words?
    kind regards kay

    1. Russ Grayson

      Hi Kay…
      No particilar word count… just what it takes to tell your story… what worked amd what didn’t, what challenges you faced and how you (hopefull) overcame them… what inspired you to make a start… where to next. Plus whatever else is of interest.

      A photo or two adds to a story.

      Thanks for offering to write.

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