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Permafund donated $1000 to Sekolahku-MySchool Kenban Dapur Program

In its 2016 grant round Permafund supported the Sekolahku-MySchool Kebun Dapur Program in Yogyakarta with A$1,000.
This project is a school gardening program based on permaculture principles that has aimed to educate students and the school community about growing food organically and sustainably.
The funds have assisted with the building and construction of a productive school garden including the building of raised garden beds, a seedling greenhouse and a compost system.  The parents, staff and students have planted and cultivated the garden through gardening classes and community ‘Kerja Bakti’ days (working bees). The program has been integrated into the school’s curriculum with the aim of school becoming self-sufficient in fresh produce and has helped implement a healthy meals program.  The produce from the garden has been used to engage students in learning about cooking and creating healthy meals.

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