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moringa-project1Moringa Project (formerly Traditional Healthcare Incorporated) is seeking expressions of interest for the position of Permaculture Program Manager for its project in Datam, Jharkhand, India.

You can find this project in the Permaculture Research Institute projects section under 'Traditional Healthcare Datam'.

Moringa Project is a Melbourne based NGO developing an integrated healthcare/agriculture/sustainable energy/community development/social enterprise project in partnership with local Indian NGO, Traditional Healthcare India.

The role of Permaculture Program Manager involves overseeing all aspects of permaculture design and implementation, liaising with other members of the project team and ensuring integration of the various aspects of the project with the permaculture program.
An important part of the permaculture program is the devlopment of training and education programs related to permaculture and ecological agriculture.

The following skills/attributes are desired but not essential:

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  • recognised permaculture/agricutural training.
  • previous experience/training in agricultural aid/development.
  • travel experience esp. India.


Please send expressions of interest and CV to:

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  • Patrick O'Neill, CEO Moringa Project — patrick.oneill[at]
  • more more information contact Patrick on 0404 409 345


Facebook site for the Moringa Project

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  1. Samuel

    Hi, I would like to know if the Moringa project is still going on and how it is going on (what’s being done). I would also like to know if you are aware of other permaculture projects or realities in the Jharkhand area.
    My interest comes from the desire to switch the present projects we fund in India (many in Jharkhand) to sustainable projects and I can’t see a way either than the permaculture 🙂

    Thanks in advance

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